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How the new news works

Welcome to our new news section.

These pages have been divided into 3 categories (see right hand side of page).

1. Local Events and entertainment – Fiestas, Carnivals, Gigs, Charity events etc.    

2.  Local News – covering this area

3.  News about Tenerife – covering all of Tenerife

You can take part too.

Add comments to postings. 

Send us news stories and pictures. 

Do you know of a new business opening, or a business under new management?  Help them get a good start by contacting us and we’ll arrange an  interview and  take pictures for an article in our local news.

Let us know of a public event or charity fund raiser we will advertise it here for you in the number one web site of Los Gigantes. 

For further info contact the office 922 862713

or email