In a bid to create more jobs for the unemployed and to boost the economy in this time of crisis three major projects, which have been on hold for various reasons, are being kicked back into action.

The controversial issue of the construction of the new port in Granadilla which will create 500 jobs and cost around 200 million euros is likely to get the go ahead once a few technical issues are sorted . Green campaigners are far from happy but industrialists claim it is vital for the future of Tenerife.

Work has resumed on the new hospital El Mojon, in the south of Tenerife, which has been at complete standstill after rows broke out over the planning. Arguments are still going on but it is estimated that the new hospital will be opening in 2011.

Plans on another huge project, train of the south, which is estimated to cost around 1,712 million euros are well underway. The territorial plan will be formally approved in February, which will allow preparation work, split into 23 projects, to go ahead. Stations are being planned for Candelaria, San Isidro, Reina Sofia Airport, Las Americas and Los Cristianos and possibly another in Arona, between the Guaza mountain and San Miguel.