Siam Park celebrated Christmas at the same time that it reached its hundredth day of being open since its inauguration last September, with a very positive balance. The most spectacular theme park with water attractions of Europe closed this first period with the clear objective of offering fun and high quality services, as well as protecting the environment with the latest technology developments, like the first and only Natural Gas plant in the Canary Islands that is used to heat the park´s water. This great achievement means warm water at 24ºC the whole year and minimizes the impact on the environment by the emission of 70% less poisonous gas to the atmosphere.

The park has been visited by thousands of people from all over the world during this first hundred days, distinguished visitors like Her Royal highness Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Princess of Thailand, Begum Inaara, several director of the most important tour operators of the world; Paul Scholes, Manchester united player among others. There are hundreds of congratulation notes from the visitors in Siam Park´s web site and in all the blogs dedicated to the park that come up every day on the internet.

Siam Park has attracted the attention of several national and international mass media, like outstanding news, TV programmes and illustrated reports prestigious publications of England, Germany, Russia, Norway, Cuba, Italy, Scotland, USA, France and Spain among others nationalities. “El Viajero”, supplement of the newspaper “El País”, presented Siam Park with the headline “Human torpedoes at the giant slide – Siam Park, a new waterpark in the south of Tenerife thought big” , “The Independent” placed Siam Park among the top 5 Europe´s theme parks, like number 1 and The Times said in one word “Spectacular”.

The most popular attractions have been The Dragon and the Tower of Power, the surprise of finding the whitest beach of Canary islands stands out, plus the Wave Palace are all the most desired attractions for the visitors.

All the visitors have been really taken by Siam Park´s exotic settings and natural landscapes. The park has been selected to host numerous events as the Tenerife Champions Cup, Kick boxing world Championship, surf clinics, Loro Parque-siam Park cycling prize presentation, and a wide variety of successfully culture activities. Siam Park is scheduling its agenda for this year at this moment to be able to offer a new range of attractions to its visitors. The activities programmed for 2009 started last Saturday with Hawaiian Tropic beach party.

Christoph Kiessling, park´s director, has expressed his satisfaction for the number of visits until today, that proves the international interest in Siam Park and its success. With 185.000 m2, 20 millions of litres of water and all the safety measures the park combines the latest technology that has been used behind the attractions with the mystery of the ancient kingdom of Thailand, that transports visitors to far remote lands.

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