As if this current crisis wasn’t bad enough Unelco have just poured salt in the wound by increasing their prices by 3.4 per cent, and if that wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury, we will now receive our bills once a month, not bi monthly as in the past, meaning our bills will be even greater as we will have the extra administration costs to pay each month too!

The biggest shock was to find they had changed over their system in December and we all had an unexpected bill between Xmas and New Year. The horror of it all was they had taken more or less the same amount as the previous month! Not slightly more than half as I would have expected. Does this mean we can expect a low bill in January?

The increase of 3.4 per cent is only slightly below the 3.5 per cent increase anticipated by the industry. The increase proposed by the regulator was a staggering 30 per cent!