It can be a bit of a problem when you are out and about and you suddenly find you need your mobile phone and it is down on battery power because you forgot to charge it up. It happens to the best of us.

New machines called “Charge Boxes” are being set up in shopping centre, health centres, hospitals, airports and many other public places which will enable mobile phone users to have a 30 minute charge for 1 Euro. The machines are also able to recharge many portable devices such as iPods and mobile game consoles.

These “Charge Boxes” were first installed in the UK three years ago. 25 devices will be installed throughout the archipelago in January and over the next twelve months another 100 will be installed. They are compatible with all the main types of mobile phones.

The new charger is a tower divided into six compartments, each secured with a key, where mobile devices can be recharged with complete security, you simply put a euro in the slot and the machine will give your phone a 30 minute boost while you do some shopping or go for a coffee

.A spokesman for the company providing the service said: “This invention will fill a niche in the Spanish market, since we have all found ourselves with a dead mobile at some time”.