weller-margaret-and-keith Margaret and Keith Weller of Calle Adelpha in Los Gigantes got the shock of their lives on the morning of New Year’s Eve when they discovered their apartment had been robbed – while they slept.

Margaret woke first to find their patio door open, she was about to blame Keith for leaving it open overnight but then noticed their TV had gone!

They had gone to bed at around 11pm and as their freezer is rather noisy they sleep with their bedroom door shut, so heard nothing.

The thieves had forced open the patio door and had gone through every cupboard and drawer in their lounge and got away with 2 mobiles, Keith’s wallet, a digital camera, an I pod their TV, but the biggest shock of all was when they discovered all Keith’s joinery tools gone. Keith relies on these tools for his work.

It is assumed that the thieves had a panic getaway as all their remote controls had been taken with their TV but their DVD player and satellite box were disconnected but not taken. They found their two pair of binoculars outside on their terrace.

The cheeky thieves had even taken a bottle of water and some mars bars out of the fridge and discarded the empty bottle on the path outside.

They were somewhat disconsolate to find that the police showed no interest whatsoever in the dearth of fingerprint evidence left behind both on the patio door and plastic bottle from which they were drinking. It is a sad indictement of our local police that they seem to have more interest in parking infractions and noise from bars than solving real crimes.

Margeret and Keith agreed to tell their story to losgigantes.com in the hope that it would be a warning to others to step up security in their homes.

Keith and Margaret do have the necessary house insurance, but how long it will take to agree a figure with the insurance company is anyone’s guess. A payout will compensate for the goods stolen but not for the stress caused and the worry that it may happen again.