rod-stewartSometimes it is not all doom and gloom, and this morning my day was suddenly enlightened when I heard that my teenage heart throb Rod Stewart is to perform in Adeje, next May.

It brings back memories of being a teenager in trouble with parents for sticking his posters all over my newly papered bedroom wall. I did win this argument because removing them would have ruined the wallpaper, I remember being grounded for a weekend for the offence, but it was well worth it.

The concert date is set for 16th May 2009 and is being organising by “Sun Live Canarias”, the same company who organised the Elton John concert last January.

A press conference is being held in the next few days to confirm the venue and ticket arrangements and a spokesman from the company says further superstar concerts are in the pipeline for Adeje.

Watch this space for more info – but I’m first in the queue for a ticket!