Siam ParkThere was a buzz of excitement in Siam Park several days ago when the key part of the kamikaze-style ride arrived.

The “Tower of Power” incorporates a heart stopping 28 meters drop with a total run of 76 meters and actually passes underground beneath an aquarium that is home to tropical fish and alligators.

A massive 18m tube to take riders through the alligators’ lair had to be purpose built overseas and it arrived by ferry in Santa Cruz earlier last week.

After being carefully unloaded it then took 2 hours to arrive in Siam Park and made quite an eye catching site along the TF1 as it was transported on a specially chartered 20 meter long lorry.

This attraction will definitely be one of the favourites in the park that all adrenalin-seekers will have at the top of their list when the park opens later this year.