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Siam Park dragon

Siam Park, the biggest new tourist attraction on Tenerife for years, was finally opened earlier this month after overcoming huge hurdles, missed deadlines and disappointing delays. The opening night, earlier this month could not be missed. So armed with our many bags of camera equipment we collected the press passes and enjoyed the evening. (see original news story here)

On commenting to the staff of the park that by filming late in the day when light levels were low we couldn’t capture the true atmosphere the thrill of the place. So the team collected passes once again to spend a fun day out at the park.

All the rides in the park are fully open. Our aim was to get work out of the way first so we could then try the rides out for ourselves. Trying to get the crew to concentrate was our first slight snag – they wanted to go to play, but threats of lunch only when filming finished soon whipped them into action. DaRKeTaMiN needed no encouragement to get his clothes off and get into action along with the rest of our thrill seeking guinea pigs, Sam, Danny and Guacci.

Siam Park raft-on-rapidsFirst ride of the day was the Mekong Rapids, they were up the steps at one hell of a pace leaving Paul and I to climb the steps in the hot sun with camera gear, sound equipment etc – who drew the short straw here! Not too long to wait, it was early in the day. Once our gang was on board their raft and disappeared into the dark tunnel we then had to leg it down to the bottom again, no way to get down and set up in time to film their raft charging out of the tunnel, so they had to do it again. Their faces said it all you’ll have to wait for the edit of the video to find out.

Trying to keep DaRKeTaMiN and gang away from the Tower of Power was the next challenge “later, later don’t peak too soon”.

Siam Park Sam-on-tower-of-powerSeveral rides later our motley crew were grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat – it was time for the Tower of Power. Of our intrepid guinea pigs only one squeaked out, Guacci decided it was definitely not for her, I thought she was the sensible one because there was no way they would get me down that one either, but she showed willing and helped carry some of the kit up all those steps to the top of the 28m high tower – not even we could run down quicker than their descents, 8 seconds from top to bottom, so they had to all do it over again so we could film the start and the end of their ride – they were all willing to go again for the cameras especially as the park staff were letting them jump the queue for us. On a busy day you could have to queue 20 mins for this one.

Siam Park in-splash-pool-2My problem now was keeping Paul at his work, he was straining at the leash, Time to play – I must admit I was working out how to finish quickly, definitely time to try out some of those rides.
So filming finished it was time to let our hair down and enjoy. First things first, pack away camera gear and have lunch. There are several restaurants to choose from. We fancied to Thai restaurant Paul said his Thai meal was excellent. The crew tucked hungrily into various burgers and chips, there were no complaints. DaRKeTaMiN had worked very hard this morning so he insisted on a second burger! My tuna salad was very nice. No way could I face a burger before all those rides they were insisting I had a go on – oh dear what have I let myself in for.

Siam Park lazy-riverThe sensible choice to make was to head for the lazy river, you sit in a large rubber ring and float your way through the park, a nice way to relax and let lunch settle before facing the rest of what the gang had in store for me. They weren’t going to let me away with anything, I could tell the way they were whispering to each other. Well the lazy river was not quite so tranquil one our gang got onto it, but it was a great laugh and I did manage to get to the end still fairly dry – we’ll soon fix that they said!

Your first one has to be the Dragon, I was told. OK that’s fine by me! Now all of these rides excluding the Tower of Power send you into tunnels and various tubes so the spectator has no idea of what is going on. Just hears the screams. Even though we do have an underwater housing for our camera that is capable of depths to 80m it would not be safe to film from inside for obvious safety reasons, so the only way to find out is to see for yourself.

Siam Park in-splash-pool4 of us climbed into the inflatable raft and off we went at a hell of a pace. When we all tumbled out in the splash pool at the bottom the gang were almost rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. They were laughing at the expression on my face. They had taken me on the most extreme ride first! You’ve done the scariest so now you can do the rest. OK let’s go – that shocked them. A couple of hours later I had been sucked down plug holes, washed down funnels, and tossed around on rapids and enjoyed every moment of it. I’m afraid no amount of persuasion could get me down that Tower of Power. Paul was raring to go so the gang had to have yet another go to keep him company. Queue was not too bad. Paul’s comment was “WOW”. Now it was off to play in those high waves. Just as we got there they blew the whistle, the park was closing, so we’ll just have to go again another day, very soon hopefully.

Siam Park wavesSiam Park is what you would expect from any Kiessling operation. Just like the Loro Park it is defined by well trained and courteous staff, attention to detail and the highest levels of safety standards possible. Simply put, this park is a masterpiece of engineering and the greatest fun anyone can have for under €30. In one word ‘stunning’.

Click on video player for a short film of the day (to activate player click on wild, wet day at Siam park)