Immigrants of Los Gigantes Beach

Los Gigantes beach is normally a happy scene of tourists and locals alike enjoying the sun, sea and sand in the quiet bay.

At approximately 8am this morning (Tues 16th Sept 2008) it was a totally different scene, it became the latest one of the  archipelago beaches to be landfall for a patera.

The authorities swung into action to provide the humanitarian care with first aid, water, food and clothing provided from the Council and the Red Cross.

Immigrants of Los Gigantes Beach

A heavy police and Guardia Civil presence ensured the 63 immigrants remained contained on the beach. One immigrant was taken to hospital for an emergency operation and several others were treated by the Red Cross for minor injuries.

The boat people are the usual mix of young to middle aged men. This group can count themselves lucky as many die on the crossing and had they not made landfall here they would have undoubtedly ended up in the trade winds and currents which flow from here to the Caribbean.

Immigrants of Los Gigantes BeachIt shows once again that no matter how vigilant the authorities are these boats still slip past the control net.

It has to be said that on every occasion when we have been involved in the filming of this human crisis the authorities here have acted with great compassion and professionalism.

View video footage of this mornings event click on “63 illegal immigrants on Video Player