Sea lionsThree female sea lions aged 3, 11 and 21 years old have finally arrived in their new home at Siam Park. It will take several more journeys this week until all 17 sea lions have been moved from Loro Parque to Siam Park, making it one of the most important homes for these mammals in the whole of Spain. The sea lions are transported with great care, using a special vehicle fitted just for them and accompanied by a vet and 5 professionals responsible for their welfare.

The sea lions have quickly acclimatized to their new home which has been designed especially for them and which forms a mini water park where they can relax on the beach and rocks in the sunshine or body surf as they catch the waves made by their own wave. The sea lion pool can be found at the entrance of the park in the plaza. They really set the scene for a day out in Siam Park as they show everyone what a great time can be had playing in and out of the water. The sea lion pool, with a volume of 1,500m2 of sea water, has its own nursery area where mothers will give their babies swimming lessons and an area where the carers can look after animals individually if they need to separate them. The Thai Tea House has a great view across the sea lion pool, where you can grab a coffee or a bite to eat for breakfast before hitting the attractions. Thanks to the great care the sea lions have received in Loro Parque, over the past few years there have been quite a few additions to the family!

The “Zalophus Californian” sea lions weight between 61 and 255kg and can reach up to 2m in length. Their diet is made up for fresh fish which they love, squid and cuttlefish, eating up to 9 kilos a day! They are extremely sociable animals and live in groups in and out of the water. With the female sea lions, their pregnancy can last a year, they only have one baby and have a tendency to give birth in June. The male sea lions are much bigger than the females and can weigh up to 400 kg. All the sea lions in Siam Park are still to reach their mature weight.