According to the department for public works and transport, work has already begun on the road which links the island ring road, which is being constructed between Adeje and Santiago del Teide with the new port at Fonsalía.

The five kilometres stretch, with a six per cent gradient, will descend to an area between Playa San Juan and Alcalá connecting directly with the port, allowing a high speed connection between the TF-47 and the southern motorway.

The new road will have dual lanes on the climb and one on the descent. It will join the ring road which will have dual carriageway lanes in both directions. There will be no urban junctions or roundabouts, making an average saving of journey time of more than ten minutes.

Work has been going at a good pace for the past four months in the area of Armeñime. Speed has been restricted on the stretch between the end of the motorway and Los Menores while a diversion road is created allowing traffic to flow while work continues on the main section.

Work is also under way between Los Menores and Tijoco. According to the department of public works, earth moving is well advanced and many drainage works and underpasses are complete.

Work is also well advanced between Tejina de Isora and Arguayo where many ravines have been crossed and underpasses completed.

The southern section of the island ring road is supposed to be completed within 36 months and has a budget of 167.8 million euros.