Elephant blancoAfter a full range of security checks, technical adjustments and final touches
Siam Park is currently undergoing its final technical adjustments including safety checks and water flow studies for maximum amount of fun and safety for everyone.

The dream has been realised and we are in the final stages before the grand opening. With great care and attention, the vegetation has continued to grow to achieve the camouflage of the structures on the attractions adding mystery to a whole range of surprises.

elephant blanco2

Our art team are putting the final touches to the park, as in the big elephant which brings in good luck and represents harmony between Mankind and the Universe. This elephant also represents prosperity and was one of the reasons for the Burmese and Siamese war in XV century which fought to conquer the land where the white elephant lived.

The artist Paolo Bonanno, created this 5m tall elephant which will greet visitors at the entrance giving the impression of an oriental setting in the most spectacular theme park with water attractions in Europe.

More information please visit www.siampark.net