motorway-trafficThe Centro de Información de Carreteras (Road Information Centre) to include an intelligent transport control system

The Cabildo Insular de Tenerife (Tenerife Island Council) has recently given the go-ahead for funds to develop the Centro de Información de Carreteras (Road Information Centre), located in the Intercambiador de Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz Interchange), which will manage video surveillance of the island’s main roads and access to Santa Cruz and La Laguna, and possible congestion or danger points. The new device will facilitate immediate action for road incidents and will provide information at all times to users about the state of the roads.

The project has a six-month completion deadline and will develop the current control system in the Tres de Mayo tunnel, Las Chumberas and the bus lane. The aim is to incorporate an intelligent control system for land transport with video cameras placed on TF-4, TF-5, TF-2 and TF-13, and later TF-1, in order to detect all kinds of incidents and transmit them in real time.

Surveillance devices will be specifically located along the section of the north motorway (TF-5) and the junction with La Laguna ring road where it connects to TF-4. All safety items urgently require updating in this area because of the existence of serious risks, due to the proximity of CEPSA refinery and to the security protocols set down by the oil company itself.

Devices will then be positioned along the south motorway (TF-1), which is currently undergoing road works to extend the existing lanes to six.

The Centro de Información de Carreteras will manage around 50 recording devices— including the 16 new cameras proposed—that will be viewed from the facilities now being built at the interchange in avenida Tres de Mayo in Santa Cruz and will provide real-time road information for the general public through a web server available through the Internet.