Improvements are planned for one of the oldest, most deteriorated, areas of Playa de Las Américas and the cost is estimated at around €600,000 with most of the money being paid by the Canarian government.

Arona council have singled out Verónicas and Starco for urgent special attention as they are the busiest spots, both day and night

The redevelopment project includes a number of green areas, up to a hundred more parking spaces and several pedestrian crossings. The current wall between Verónicas and Avenida Rafael Puig will be demolished and a single lane built for traffic, which will be one-way only. Part of the road further up the stretch will be widened also to give room for bin lorries to turn and not have to pass through the shopping area as at present.

The pavements in the Verónicas and Starco areas are also due to be replaced with better quality stone and kerbs lowered in several parts to facilitate wheelchair and pushchair access. No date has been set for completion of the work.