Health and safety experts described the tragic death of a Tenerife plane mechanic who was sucked into the engine of an Airbus on Monday night as ‘totally incomprehensible’.

An LTE spokesman said this that the man was sucked into one of the engines of the Airbus 320 at around 10pm, at Tenerife South airport, just before the plane was due to take off for Warsaw. Ambulance services rushed to the scene to find the mechanic sliced to pieces by the spinning blades of the engine.

The inquiry initial findings are believed to show that a colleague in the cockpit revved the engines to 90% power while the 24-year-old Miguel Angel Rodríguez was working near the forward undercarriage, a procedure which clearly breaches safety regulations. The suction created was the equivalent of a 70mph wind and the mechanic was shredded to pieces immediately.

Identification relied on DNA tests due to lack of recognisable body parts. A health and safety spokesman for another airline operating in the Canaries said ‘procedures had clearly been breached in the maintenance operation, with tragic consequences’.