Around 11 million of Spain’s low paid workers, including large families with one wage earner, earn so little, they don’t pay enough in tax to give them the €400 tax rebate which has been promised by the Government. Another example is a single childless person earning 9,650 euros, or less, gross.

The problem has occured because the rebate is being handed out in credits, not cash.

An employee liable to pay €400 euros or more in tax, between June and September, will simply pay €400 euros less tax, which leaves them with €400 extra cash in hand.

Low paid workers, who would only pay €100 tax, will have the remaining €300 credited to his account but they will have to wait for their June 2009 annual tax declaration to claim back the difference. This has resulted in fierce criticism from the political opposition as well as uproar among social welfare groups

Will the Government act on the fierce criticism and uproar and amend the scheme to take account of what appears to be, a huge gaffe by a socialist administration?