Fun and adventures for the little ones.
Siam Park The Water Kingdom is full of rides and adventures for the whole family. The little ones will enjoy this unlimited fun play area designed specially for them. The lost City is an attraction consisting of a combination of multiple towers joined by bridges and nets, with waterfalls, slides and water games that make a real kid city where splashing and getting wet is simply a must. Kids and adults will become little adventure’s as they discover the secrets of the “Lost City” or get into a water gun fight. There’s a magic atmosphere running through waterfalls, fountains, water curtains and pools that are surrounded by lush vegetation to arouse children´s imagination.

The attraction’s design and its unique theme set it apart from any other in the world. Many sculptures inspired by oriental designs, mystical creatures, snakes, seahorses, elephants and monkeys, among others, have been used in its construction. Different materials and textures have been used with the intention of transporting children to the ancient Kingdom of Siam, in order to make their day at the park a full adventure. Up in the tallest tower of the lost city, the head of the monkey king, Hanuman, keep and eye on everyone to surprise whoever dare to discover him.

The Lost City includes a special place for the younger members of the family. Babies won´t have to look at the rest in envy, Siam Park has designed a special place for them, where they can safely enjoy slides and a pool in the company of their parents, brothers or sisters.

Security is Siam Park team’s first priority. The area will be under constant vigilance by lifeguards. The attraction will only have one entrance and exit point, allowing parents not to loose sight of their children. Water is renewed and filtered continuously to ensure it is fresh and pure. Slides will be restricted for kids over 1 m tall but all are welcome to splash to play to their hearts content.