FireworksWhilst thousands of tourists flocked to Candelaria yesterday to take part in the celebrations in honour of the patron of the Canaries, the Black Madonna, our own celebrations were taking place in Alcala and last night was the big night – the fireworks. 

One of the best places to view the fireworks is offshore by boat and the Lions Club Santiago Del Teide had chartered the Glass Bottom Boat for the evening.

The buzz started in Los Gigantes Marina around 9pm. Every bar was packed. The Lions took over Offshore 44 and the excitement mounted. People started to move onto the boats shortly after 10pm. The Glass bottom Boat was ready for us with sangria, beer and snacks.

A short pleasant trip to Alcala followed, the sangria was flowing well, and we were soon moored up to a buoy in Alcala bay. Those fireworks waiting to be set off did seem very near! Other boats, too numerous to count were bobbing around all over the sea. The party was underway. 

There had been a bit of a swell all day making it difficult for the fireworks to be set, but it all went according to plan and the show was as spectacular as ever.

Many people were swaying on the return trip to the marina I think it was more from the effects of all the sangria rather than the motion of the boat!