Our own Web Master, Christopher Punton has brought our new style news its first local story. 

Oasis jetty Los GigantesYesterday was a bank holiday and Chris, with several friends were swimming and sunbathing at the popular jetty down the steps from the Oasis pool facilities. (See photo right).

The sea was possibly a bit choppier than normal for a summer’s day in August but despite that, many bathers were enjoying their day.

Suddenly Chris spotted 3 huge waves approaching, having lived here for 17 years and knowing the dangers of the Atlantic he started shouting at everyone in both Spanish and English to run fast. He grabbed his clothes and towel and ran fast still yelling at everyone to move.

The Spanish fisherman on the jetty saw the danger and obeyed Chris’s shouts and ran. A family of British tourists just looked in amazement and despite Chris’s shouts of warning just sat there, oblivious to the oncoming danger.

The waves came washing the family aprox 20m over the rocks. Fortunately for them they were wedged in the rocks and not washed out to sea. Mum was taken away in an ambulance suffering from a broken toe, broken ankle, cuts and bruises. The rest of the family were all badly shaken but only suffered cuts and bruises. Bags and shoes were all lost to the sea.

Notice to bathers

Picture left is a warning notice at the Oasis in 3 languages.

The Atlantic is a vast Ocean and freak waves of this type catch tourists out time and time again not just in this area but all around Tenerife.