The Lions Club organised a Prostate Cancer awareness scheme last year, which proved to be a huge success and a great benefit to the community.

Statistics show that one in three men over 50yrs will develop prostate cancer, but it can develop at any age.

In many cases there are no symptoms or warning, in others, frequent visits to the toilet, especially through the night or an intermittent stream should give cause for concern.

The results of more than 100 tests proved to be very similar to that in Europe, where 18-20% of patients tested needed to be recalled for further tests, and in some cases the gland surgically removed.

Because of the success of last years scheme The Lions are arranging a second batch of testing for 1 month commencing Mon 5th May run in conjunction with Dr Speaficos International Medical Centre in Los Cristianos, who are giving their expertise and time free. There will be a €20 charge to cover analysis costs. Any further ongoing treatment will be at the patients cost.

It is important to go to the clinic between 9.30 and 12.00 Mon – Fri for the blood test. Results take 1 week. You can phone for the result, then collect an official written result showing your PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level.

If the level is high, further testing is needed. Early diagnosis is important. If there is no cure then at least you can extend the quality of your life.

You need to take your NIE or passport with you. A few medical questions will be asked – the staff speak English.

Call for an appointment on 922 790563 remember to say the Lions sent you to qualify for the reduced cost.

The clinic is on the rear part of the Hiper Trebol complex (Edif Simon) in Los Crisianos

If you need further advice you can call Mary on the Lions Helpline 607435267