This article has been printed at the request of the The Tenerife Sun – They apologise to their readers as the date given in the paper for the memorial service is not correct.

ONE of the founders of the west coast’s Los Gigantes will be remembered at a
memorial service in the centre of the village on THURSDAY April 24th. 12.00 (NOT SUNDAY as printed in The Tenerife sun).

William Clifford Morgan died, aged 91, at a nursing home near his birthplace of Haverford West, South Wales, on February 15.

His daughter, Jane Fenton-May, arranged the noon memorial service at the
Espiritu Santo Church, LosGigantes, for his many friends and admirers to recognise the prominent part he played in the development of the popular holiday resort.

Clifford, as he was known, came to live permanently in Los Gigantes with his second wife, Tricia, on his retirement in 1981.

They had holidayed there together for many years before that and, on settling in the emerging village, Clifford threw his considerable energies into its development.

He was president of the residents’ association when the mayor of Santiago del Teide,
unprepared and under-resourced for the influx of foreign residents, delegated authority to them to develop key municipal services out of their own pockets.

For his leadership during this time Clifford was honoured on his 80th birthday by being presented with a key to the municipality.

A linguist with a scientific bent that he exploited to the full throughout his army career, he was also a keen animal lover and one of the prime movers in development
of the village’s Friends of the Animals charity.

Physically fitter than many 20years younger, he was regularly seen walking his beloved boxer, Becky, after Tricia’s death from cancer in 1991, and continued to take a keen interest in the preservation of Los Gigantes as a peaceful holiday and residential centre.

With German neighbours he fought all the way to the Madrid High Court in 2000 to have a Scandinavian-owned apart hotel returned to its original use as a block of individual apartments.

Sadly, Clifford’s once keen intellect became impaired in his early 80s and his daughter brought him back to her home in Pembrokeshire, where he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2003.

But his memory lives on in the minds and affections of many older residents in Los Gigantes and the little church is expected to be filled for the memorial service to be conducted by Fr Keith Gordon.

After the service open house has been declared at the nearby CK’s Restaurant for Clifford’s many friends and admirers to exchange memories of his life and exploits.

Note from Dolly Diver.
It’s sad to print the news of another very respected member of the community passing away. I remember Clifford very well for the time I spent with him as a volunteer of Friends of the Animals, and Paul has many good memories of the times Clifford spend assisting in the work of the Lions – Santiago del Teide Branch.
Condolences to his family from the team