One of the most loved memorable residents of Los Gigantes, Olive Nock died on 5th April in London, aged 93.

Most of us remember her as “Lady Olive” always beautifully dressed, never a hair out of place and with her boundless energy was always the life and soul of the party.

So respected was she in the local community that the now closed Dickens bar in Los Gigantes always reserved her a seat beneath a plaque with her name on it.

Another of her favourite haunts was the Green Corner. They will be closed between 1 and 2pm today, as a mark of respect as she is cremated in West London.

Olive left Tenerife 2 years ago to live nearer her son and grandchildren and has been sorely missed by all her good friends.

The family will be coming to Tenerife at the end of this month to hold a memorial service at the Church in Los Gigantes.

Condolences to her family from the team