rats-in-rubbishAn announcement by Wladimiro Brito, the Cabildo Minister for the Environment states that the majority of Tenerife’s mountain recreation areas are plagued by rats.

The amount of rubbish and food waste that visitors leave in the parks, plus the fact that the numbers of predatory birds that feed on rats has fallen, are the two major causes for the increase in number of rats.

The Cabildo has contracted the public company Tragsa to carry out the necessary work to control the rodent population, which, apart from causing nuisance to visitors, is also damaging the local wildlife and vegetation. A budget of 89,000 euros has been allocated to the project.

Experts working on the project say that the quantities of rubbish left behind have contributed to the increase in the number of rats and suggest that park users take their waste home and dispose of it there.