As the Easter Saturday celebrations in the Plaza Puerto Santiago were coming to an end a youth estimated to be in his early twenties from Municipio del Rosario identified as A.C.A.D. started showing aggressive behaviour towards locals at the event.

Despite efforts from locals to calm him down fighting broke out and the local police were soon on the scene.

The youth resisted arrest but was eventually pinned down by local police and Guardia Civil. He was hand cuffed then taken by car to give a statement at the local police station. As he was put in the car the youth was seen to bang his head continuously against the car window.

After giving a statement the youth was then handed over to the Guardia Civil where he spent the night cooling off behind bars at Guia De Isora.

On Good Friday, Guardia Civil officers in Guía de Isora arrested a 25-year-old man in connection with a spate of breaking and entering offences in the area. The suspect is also accused of stealing a birdcage from a local finca containing two rare birds, valued at more than €2,000.

Also on Good Friday, local police in Santiago del Teide arrested two youths, 18 and 22, caught driving a stolen car. They were detained at the Guardia Civil in Guia de Isora.