The massive air–sea rescue search for the 2 missing divers who failed to surface after a cave dive at Palm Mar, near Punta Rasca on Thursday has so far been unsuccessful.

The Guardia Civil have brought in a robotic video submarine from the mainland to aid in the search for the two divers which can dive to a depth of 150 meters.Guardia Civil preparing to search

The divers have been named as Guardia Civil Sergeant Luis Santamaria, 46, a native of Seville, now based in Tenerife, and 33-year-old Belgian, Phlip K, who lives in Arona, son of the La Ballena diving club owner.

This weekend saw the spring equinox which causes very high and very low tides which generate stronger than normal currents adding problems to the search.

A team from the rescue boat, Pico Teide, while out searching for the two missing divers, came across an unrelated body yesterday, floating 300m from the beach at Fañabe. The corpse was taken to Santa Cruz where experts are trying to identity of the body of the Caucasian male, around 30 years old, dressed in blue jeans, black shoes, blue Speedo swim trunks, and a long sleeved red T-shirt.