Statue of the Virgin del CarmenAn intense search is underway in the south of Tenerife for two divers who have disappeared from the area of El Palm Mar, near Punta Rasca in Arona yesterday at around 11am.

The buddy pair, a 46 year old Guardia Civil Sergeant Luis Santamaria, from Seville, but based in Santa Cruz and his diving buddy a Belgian, 33 year old Philip K, who lives in Arona were with a party of ten on an organised dive to explore the seabed and caves in the Palm Mar area. They failed to surface with the rest of their dive group.

Palm Mar cave is one of the South’s most famous dive sites. A reef wall housing a variety of Moray eels leads to a cave at 28m with schools of shrimp and possibility of rays inside. However, strong currents often make it a difficult dive. The cave goes in deep and should not be penetrated without special equipment and cave dive training. It has claimed lives in the past.

A memorial to two lost diversA memorial to two lost divers lies outside the cave entrance as well as a large statue of the Virgin del Carmen, protector of local fishermen.

It is not known at this time if the two divers reported missing yesterday were lost in this cave.

A 50 man emergeny services team continue their search in a four mile radius along the South coast.