The latest campaign organized by Tenerife Cabildo to clean up the coasts of the island be named “La Mar de limpia” . Rubbish dumping on the coasts of Tenerife causes problems for the resident plants and wildlife as well as being an eyesore for all those whose visit the beaches of Tenerife.

Despite education to encourage people to take a more responsible attitude towards their surroundings it is still necessary to carry out full scale clean ups from time to time and “La Mar de limpia” aims to take in as many locations as possible over the next two months. The campaign aims to make both visitors to the island and local residents aware of the need to take care of the flora and fauna of the local beaches and not to contaminate the waters with rubbish and household waste. The coastline will be cleared of the typical old fridges, washing machines, rubble etc left by irresponsible people who do not want to make the effort to keep the island tidy unaware perhaps of the negative affect their action has on the environment.

The village of Abades in the borough of Arico has already been cleared of no less than 1,500 kilos of rubbish.  Car batteries, old barbecues, plastic bags, tins , cans and glass bottles were the most common items to be rescued from the beach by the 150 volunteers who turned up to lend a hand.

The calendar for the rest of the campaign will be ; Mesa del Mar 11th August, Costa de Teno 18th August, El Medano 25th August, Los Roques-La Fajana 1st September, the coast of Arona 15th September, and El Socorro-La Viuda 22nd September.

                                               plastic in stomachDead Pilot Whale

People do not realise the damage that is caused to wildlife alone by the casual discarding of rubbish. This whale was washed up on a beach, its stomach contents contained a plastic bag.

Everyone is welcome to join in the activity and can participate by simply attending the event or by contacting the Volunteers department of the Cabildo on 902 151 261.