We recently had an exclusive interview with Councillor Steve McKenna, to put to him many of the points which had been raised in the recent string on Los Gigantes.com about Norovirus

We asked him, had there been any new cases of the virus, which now must be notified to the authorities.
Councillor McKenna said to his knowledge no new cases had been reported this year.  The public health authority, from Santa Cruz, had been requested by the hotel to help and visited the hotel a number of times during the last year to advise on additional hygiene precautions that should be used to help control the original outbreak and help with the sterilisation of the dining room, although no trace of the virus has to date ever been found in the dining area. The Health authority believed it had not started in the hotel, but was brought in by a client/s from a cruise ship. The authorities and the hotel continue to monitor the situation.

One comment we have heard at losgigantes.com frequently is:- There is a common feeling from many of the staff and the tour operators that many of the reported cases of stomach upsets (commonly labelled as Norovirus, but are not) this year are just a means to getting compensation. They feel that the hotel has been unfairly singled out, especially when if you do a web search for Norovirus, you will find that it is prevalent across the UK in hospitals and hotels etc. Councillor McKenna had heard this to but felt it would be inappropriate to comment on it.

I then asked about the outfalls in the area.  Steve answered that all of our outfalls comply with the current EU standards, and that the water quality was checked every two weeks by the environmental health organisation, which is why Playa de la Arena is able to keep it’s blue flag. Steve said that whilst it was not his particular remit he understood that the final connections to the new centralised waste water management scheme for the south and west of the island were due at any time. Additionally the new motorway was being used to provide a waste water route for the upper villages of the area.
At the moment the los Gigantes beach looks as though it will become a blue flag beach in the next few weeks.

The Counicls priorties for the the coming year is the regeneration of Los Gigantes, with the extending of the beach, the opening of a passageway beteen the beach and the marina, and not least the building of a new 400 place car park and community centre, the funds for these projects have already been approved by the parties (Party Popular) hierarchy.

Written by:  Paul Marley