Plans for the new Fonsalía port (between Alcala and San Juan) have already passed the draft, blueprint and environmental impact stages and, if economically viable, will go out to tender in late 2011.

Councillor for Public Transport and Works Juan Ramón Hernández also announced that at the end of June this year, all documentation will be open to the general public.

The new port will be created on an artificial platform going out to sea, separated from the mainland by a narrow arm of water allowing for the movement of currents and avoiding stagnant water so as not to alter the peculiar morphology of the coastline.

This will create a 15.5 hectare “island” to accommodate commercial, fishing and marina use via a 200 metre long bridge with four lanes for vehicles and pavements for pedestrians. 2.77 hectares will be dedicated to fisheries and 5.50 hectares to sport.

It will have 739 metres of vertical breakwaters, 840 metres of artificial rubble breakwaters, four berths for commercial vessels, 460 moorings for pleasure boats and thirty for fishing boats.

Socialist deputy Julio Cruz said the port of Fonsalía is essential and very important for the Canary Islands and Tenerife, “especially considering that the port of Los Cristianos has collapsed.”

It will be an important logistics and communications hub between the Canary Islands, and should be constructed as quickly as possible as it will benefit two million users.

Source:- Tenerife News