sweet-lucyOn Saturday 5th December the local Mayor switched on the illuminations in the Plaza in Los Gigantes.

Among those lights was an artificial Christmas Tree, which the Santiago Del Teide Lions Club annually commemorate for their good causes. In previous years they have raised money for the Sight First Appeal, which was sent to enable those with treatable blindness maladies be restored to a life with vision.

This year, the buckets went round for the ‘Sweet Lucy’ fund. The young lady in question is an 8 year old with a genetic disorder called Sensory Neuropathy Atoxia (S.N.A.) which prevents the brains’ messages to the limbs being properly sent. Thus everyday activities such as catching a ball or even walking, are denied her.

The evening raised 520.00 euros which will be placed in her ‘Fund’ which is husbanded by the Lions Club, and has so far reached over 4,600.00 euros. Of this 2,600.00 euros will be spent on a special electric wheelchair for her.

The account for her is at the Banco March, and should anyone care to donate, the number is IBAN ES 39 0061 0215 140119520111.