tillyThe very sad news item regarding the escape of Tilly, the cat belonging to Sandy and Jimmy Quigley, in the cargo depot at Tenerife’s southern airport should be a lesson to everyone. Cat travelling boxes, with twist plastic locking devices for the gate are NOT secure. Believe it or not, many cats can push the door out of this type of box, particularly when they are in a panic and have a rush of adrenalin. It is worth spending the extra money buying a box which does not have the plastic twist fasteners for any part of the box.

 	travelling-box 	travelling-box-2As an association we regularly send our rescue animals to permanent, caring homes abroad. Cat boxes always have a spring loaded gate and cable ties or screws are used in conjunction with the fasteners used to join the top and bottom of the box. Once the cat has been checked in cable ties are threaded through the air vents and the spring loaded gate and pulled tight.

One UK company, Ladyhaye, who handles the importation of dogs and cats, state quite clearly that they will only accept cats in boxes which have a spring loaded gate. Furthermore they insist that cable ties are used as an added precaution.