navegaciontrenThe proposed southern railway that will link Santa Cruz de Tenerife with Playa de Las Americas, known as ‘Tren del Sur’, will create 1000 additional jobs until its completion in 2017, according to forecasts provided by the Council of Tenerife and Metropolitano de Tenerife in the project they recently presented.

The works are set to commence once the project has received final approval. The Council has already committed €3.3 million to the first phase of the project, which adds to the National Government’s contribution of €5 million. However, construction of this new infrastructure project can only go head if the project receives the €1,803 in funds necessary for its completion.

The building of island’s future rail network will also include a northern link to complement the southern link. Work will be carried out simultaneously, however the estimated completion date for the northern line has been set for 2020, given the difficulties posed by the fact that the planned line runs in close proximity to the TF-5 highway.

These two rail links will not only provide residents with a fast and quality alternative for travel and transportation of goods, but will also help reduce road congestion. Furthermore, the service will improve access to and for businesses located in more remote towns and stimulate the local economy.

The southern rail link will cover 80km in approximately 42 minutes, reaching speeds of 220 km per hour and will run every 15 minutes during peak hours. The train will stop at seven stations and 25% of the journey will be underground. It will take 6 minutes to reach Añaza, the first stop, 14mins to Candelaria, 29mins to San Isidro, 32mins to Tenerife Sur Reina Sofía Airport, 38mins to Los Cristianos and 42mins to Las Américas, where it terminates.

Drafting of the project and approval of the environmental impact declaration will take place in 2009 and 2010, whilst compulsory purchases will be finalised in 2011. Construction work is set to commence in 2010 for completion in 2017, according to the schedule presented by the Council.

The northern and southern lines will be linked by a Y-shaped design, so that trains running directly from La Laguna to Añaza are also directly linked to Santa Cruz. The stops initially proposed for the northern link are Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Aeropuerto Los Rodeos Tenerife Norte, Tacoronte, La Victoria-La Matanza, Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos.