Burnt bridge 1
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Due to pressure from local businesses the Masca Walk has been re opened.

However, the bridge has been totally destroyed in the fire, only a few planks remain in place, making it rather difficult to cross the stream Rope climb Masca Walkwhich runs down the barranco.

A rope has been attached to assist people climbing down, but it is recommended that only people fit enough should attempt the walk. The bridge is aprox 15mins into the walk.Masca Walk

Maritima Acantilados – Los Gigantes (Nashira Uno and Gladiator) are taking booking for organised walks, and pick up by boat from Masca bay. Those people getting as far as the burnt out bridge and then deciding it is not for them can Masca Walkwalk back up to Masca village where the bus will wait for them.

It is unknown if or when the bridge will be repaired, but to get all the materials down the barranco to replace the bridge, to me looks only possible by helicopter!New growth after the fire

However, better news, here is the proof that in only 3 months new life is appearing.

Restaurant and gift shop La Fuenta, which was very badly damaged Gift shop Mascain the fire, have reopened their gift shop, but work still continues on the restaurant.

For bookings and more information on the walk call Maritima Acantilados 922 861918

 Photographs by losgigantes.com