dave-70thOn Monday 23rd February 2009 Country Dave Scofield reached his 70th birthday.

On the day before, he turned up at Restaurante Tajinaste ready to sing and entertain the customers, unaware that many of his friends had conspired to throw party for him.

Everyone had brought food and what a superb spread it was.

Walking in from the bright sunlight, it took Dave a couple of seconds for the penny to drop. His surprise and delight was matched only by the evening of fun we all enjoyed. Several other local singers joined in the festivities to give us a real mix of music. It was, for most people, an evening to remember (and for one or two an evening to TRY to remember).

Thanks to Fred and Glynis at Tajinaste for organising the event.
Cheers Dave. Enjoy being in your 8th decade, and keep on singing.

Dave sends his thanks to all who celebrated with him; for all the cards and presents but especially thanks for the friendship.

By J. Thornley