Last weekend brought much delight to thousands of Canarians when Teide was covered with a beautiful blanket of snow.

Families in their thousands packed their enormous picnic hampers, loaded up body boards, inflatable beds, black plastic bags…anything in fact that could be turned into a makeshift sled. Sledging down a mountain probably isn’t an activity most people would associate with Tenerife, and tourists here didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, they had come to Tenerife to escape such conditions!

 	playing-in-snowIt was party time in the Teide National Park. Wherever there was a hint of a space locals were parking, building snowmen, sledging down the slopes, having family snowball fights, great fun was had by all, but their badly parked cars partly block the road turning the crater road into single lane in many places, causing long queues of traffic. Should there be an accident, a child breaking a leg while sledging, how would the emergency vehicles get through?

This problem is causing President of the Cabildo, Ricardo Melchior, great concern and there is also the worry of sightseeing tourists being stranded in a sudden snowstorm without sufficient warm clothing.

The Cabildo are planning to survey the situation and it has been suggested that the park is limit to a maximum of 3000 vehicles in the area to allow the authorities more control in a snowfall.