By: Roger Diss ( Roger said he didn’t want credit for this story but I didn’t want anyone to think I was into female legs!)

They came in all shapes, colours and sizes but there was no doubting the big hit at the second annual Asociación San Francisco de los Animales dog show – among the male onlookers, at any rate.
Xena, a golden retriever, was the dog in question but most male eyes were turned to her owner, Sabrina Biagini, whose long and shapely legs made the pair firm favorites to win the fun class, Best Six Legs, in the competition.

And international show judge, Brian Lister, brought to bear all his experience at judging at Crufts and in America and Japan in going along with the majority opinion.
But it was not just legs alone that caught Brian’s eye. He also awarded Xena first prizes in the Pedigree Junior and Best Condition classes.

 	fun-dog-showHe was impressed, too, with the standard of the event, held in the cultural centre car park behind the Hotel Los Gigantes on Sunday, January 25.

“The venue was ideal,” he said, “and it was good to judge a show with such a great fun atmosphere. Everybody was there simply because they loved dogs and there was none of the fierce competitiveness and back-biting that goes on in some of the more serious shows I have judged.”

For all its success, entries and attendance were down by about a third on last year’s show, leading to speculation that the credit crunch doing its worst. But the 20 entries ensured that a small profit was made for the rescue organisation that does so much for animals in the area.

Evidence of that work was everywhere, with a large number of entries being dogs that had been rescued off the streets and cared for by loving owners.

beckyBecky, the skinny boxer that did her lap of honour last year to show what can happen to an abandoned dog, was in her element this year. Now filled out to proper proportions under the care of her new owner, Barbara Dryden, she carried off second prize in the Prettiest Bitch category.

The title for Best Abandoned Dog went to Daisy, a Canarian hunting dog that shares a home with 17 other rescued dogs under the care of Judith Noble, president of the Asociación San Francisco Los Gigantes branch.

And Paul Marley’s 14-year-old Beauty, who does so much in her own right to raise funds for the charity, took third place in the same category.

Pride and loving care was reflected in all the dogs but none quite so much as in the pedigree classes, where Mr Raffles, a Maltese owned by Wendy LeFevre, won the Pedigree Champion category with 14 points overall, and Paul Marley’s Beauty carried off the Non-Pedigree Champion title with 15 points overall .

Dylan, a border terrier owned by Lindsay Forest Gouveia, might have won more prizes if the sprightly youngster had been a little better behaved. But he still managed to win the Pedigree Open title, along with third prize for Best Condition and fourth for Best Dog With Children, a fitting return for Lindsay, who sponsored all the rosettes handed out on the day.

Overall, the show was judged another resounding success, with high hopes for even more entries next year.
All the pictures from the event can be viewed at photo galleries

Full details of all the winners can be viewed on the San Francisco Animales own web site

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