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Banks to report transactions of €3,000 or more

Posted by dolly diver on December 17, 2008
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Tax authorities are asking the banks to step up their cooperation by reporting all transactions of €3000 or more suspected of being fraud, as well as providing detailed information of deposits and withdrawals of high denomination notes, particularly the €500 note.

Carlos Ocaña the junior finance minister, during a recent conference, confirmed that several new plans are being introduced to track down those guilty of tax fraud and will come into effect on 1st Jan 2009.

In a statement by Hacienda Director, Luis Pedroche, the time and money spent on the anti fraud campaign is proving to be very worthwhile, as for every euro that has been spent twelve euros have been recovered, that doubles the success rate of recent years.

Arch’s lounge bar and restaurant – new management

Posted by dolly diver on December 13, 2008
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 	archsRoberto and Mark are back in town managing Arch’s lounge bar and restaurant in the centre of Los Gigantes. The entrance is behind Verde’s, down the steps from the pharmacy.

Their superb menu changes daily with a 2 course meal at €11.95 and 3 courses for €13.95. Plus Los Gigantes’ only carvery on Thursday and Saturday evening, or call in for a drink in their lounge bar.

They are open from 5pm till late 7 days a week. Private parties can be catered for.

For reservations call 637820709 or 678069025

View “What’s on locally” for their Christmas Day and New Years Eve menu

Enjoy warm waters during winter at Siam Park

Posted by dolly diver on December 12, 2008
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 	mai-thai-river-tube(Press release from Siam Park) A day full of adventure and fun at the new Siam Park is possible in the winter as well as the summer. Loro Parque group keeps working for the improvement of its parks quality and the comfort of their visitors launching Siam Park´s water heating system. At 24 º Celsius visitors will enjoy the newly open attractions despite low temperatures, enjoying sunbathing at Siam’s white sand beach and taking pleasure in a tasty meal contemplating the wonderful views of the Wave Palace. Water is heated by the only natural gas plant of the island which keeps the water warm and reaches the company’s genuine concern for the protection the environment.

Siam Park shows care for the comfort of the whole family in its exclusive adventurous attractions. Its sunny beach, with exotic views of the wave palace and La Gomera Island, the relaxing sensations to be found in the waters of the lazy river also benefit from the 24 º temperatures that provide a warm feeling to all visitors. Water through out the park is constantly renewed to ensure its purity, as well as the health of the swimmers, making them feel just like fish in the water. Once out of the water, swimmers may indulge themselves by relaxing into the expert hands of Siam Park masseuses (at the floating market).

A great chance to enjoy the sun and pleasant temperatures of south Tenerife, surrounded by beauty and adventure, that will make a day at the park one of the most special days of the year.

Guardia Civil Christmas campaign

Posted by dolly diver on December 10, 2008
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 	breathalyserThe Guardia Civil, with their breathalyser units, are out in force in a bid to clamp down on drinking and driving in the run up to Christmas.

The new campaign runs until 21st December. We can expect road blocks throughout the day as well as night, as their aim is also to clamp down on those driving home from office parties.

This year alone, in the Canary Islands, over 450 people have lost their driving licences, and the total number of banned drivers since the introduction of the point system in July 2006 is over 800.

Bank holiday weekend

Posted by dolly diver on December 5, 2008
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Bank holiday tomorrow celebrates Spain’s Constitution Day. 30 years of Constitutional Monarchy following the death of the fascist dictator, Francisco Franco.

Monday is also a bank holiday for Catholics to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Most offices and shops will be closed but some supermarkets, normally banned from opening on Sundays, will be open on Sunday morning.

Lorry plunges into barranco

Posted by dolly diver on December 5, 2008
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Guardia Civil officers, the mountain rescue services and a helicopter were called early this morning to recover the bodies of two men who died when the lorry they were travelling in plunged 12m down a barranco between Armeñime and Playa San Juan.

The two men, identified only by their initials as, 27-year-old E.A.F. and 32-year-old M.G.H were travelling in the lorry which belonged to the laundry company, Tabona. There were no witnesses to the accident but police believe that the driver lost control as a result of driving too fast, crashing through the barrier on the bend and plunged down the ravine.

The Fred Olsen ferry is re-floated

Posted by dolly diver on December 5, 2008
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 	ferry_agroundThe Fred Olsen ferry, Bonanza Express, which ran aground at Los Cristianos earlier this week, has been successfully re-floated. She is now berthed in Los Cristianos harbour.

The ferry ran aground on the rocks when the gears failed and she was unable to reverse.

A spokesman for the company said that the re-floating was a massive operation which involved 250 specialised staff. The load of the ferry had to be lightened, so a second ferry, in a very tricky manoeuvre, reversed in so the cars and lorries could be unloaded. Then on the high tide tugs pulled her clear.
She is now undergoing inspections in Los Cristianos and will be taken to Las Palmas for repairs as there is no shipyard on Tenerife that can handle a vessel of that size.

An investigation into the accident is now in progress using data from the ships’ computers and statements from the crew and passengers.

ferry_agroundThe Fred Olsen Bonanza Express transporting 172 passengers from La Gomera to Los Christianos harbour ran aground on the beach of Los Tarajales last night.

Passengers, and eye witnesses on the shore described hearing a loud bang just after 8pm as the ferry struck the rocks, the vibrations from the impact were felt 500 yards away.

The ferry’s second engine developed reversing problems during the docking procedure and the first engine had already broken down.

The 95m long catamaran had been operating since 1999 and was the first of the company’s high-speed wave piercing catamarans with a top speed of 38 knots (more than 70kmh) and capable of carrying a maximum of 800 passengers and 235 cars. She covers the route between Valverde in El Hierro, La Gomera and Los Cristianos.

rescued_passengersAll passengers and 16 crew were taken off the stricken ferry just after 9pm by two Marine rescue craft and a Guardia Civil patrol boat, which ferried everyone to shore. There were no reported injuries though two were found to be illegal immigrants and will be deported.

A large oil slick developed around the boat and was quickly contained by a floating barrier.

A full investigation into the cause of the accident has been launched.

 	xmas-fairFor the first time ever the Santiago del Teide Lions Club, the Asociacion de San Francisco de Los Animales – Santiago del Teide branch and the San Juan Asociacion got together and organised the biggest Christmas fair Los Gigantes has ever seen.

There was tombola, cakes, bric brac, crafts, clothes and many games to occupy the children as well as the Carnival bar raising funds for next year’s carnival.

 	xmas-fair-2The biggest problem all the organisers had to cope with were the dozens of people who could not wait for opening time, they all wanted to be first in the queue for a bargain.

Lion President Mary Thomson opened the fair and over the next two hours, despite the concern over looming of black clouds and a few spots of rain, the various charities raised over €3000 between them for their various causes.

 	xmas-fair-3Then in the evening the fund raising continued when the Lions kicked off their Grand Christmas raffle. There are cash prizes of 1st €500 2nd €300 and 3rd €200 to be drawn in the Los Gigantes Plaza on 23rd Dec in the Los Gigantes square after their walk about carol singing. To assist with the fund raising Santiago del Teide Council organised various superb entertainers in the church square for the early part of the evening then from 10pm – 2am Viana Shows took over and hosted an amazing variety of acts, including Hot Ice, Scheherazade, Ian Anderson, Glam Slam and Helen Dixon – Pride, who kept the audience glued to their seats, until they could resist no longer and had to get up and join in the dancing.

xmas-fair-4For the first time ever the whole show went live via Power FM radio to all seven Canary Islands, as well as being broadcasted worldwide on their web site.

During the show Lions members Mary, Lizzy, Sheila and Monica, in their superb outfits, raised over €1000 in raffle ticket sales and donations.

If you didn’t get your ticket there’s still plenty time. They can be purchased from any Lion member. They are on sale at MDI in Alcala and also in the office in El Varadero and the ladies will be calling into many bars during the run up to the draw.

There are many more photos, in two files, one of the daytime fair and the other of the evening entertainment, in the photo galleries. Click this link.