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Missing Cat – Have you seen her?

Posted by dolly diver on October 20, 2008
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This cat has gone missing from the Urbanization San Francisco area near Los Gigantes. She has a clipped left ear indicating that she has been neutered.

If you see the cat or have any information would you please call Jill on 678 398 327

Chaos in Los Gigantes

Posted by dolly diver on October 20, 2008
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Chaos is expected this week in Los Gigantes while the Ayuntamiento resurface the road. There will be no parking between Calle Tabaiba and Calle Tamara while the work is being carried out. Work is expected to be completed by Friday 24th Oct.

Culprit caught on camera

Posted by dolly diver on October 17, 2008
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 	bancamarch-playa-arenaThe photo images taken from CCTV cameras in last week’s bank robbery of Banca March in Playa Arena has led to the arrest of the culprit, who walked off with €5400 in cash after threatening the staff with a large knife.

The man aged 53 and identified only by his initials, M.G.R., was arrested in a bar in Los Cristianos and is due to appear in court today.

Police have recovered €2000 of the stolen money and are praising the media for quickly distributing the photos.

Drug smugglers caught at Reina Sofia Airport

Posted by dolly diver on October 14, 2008
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Guardia Civil Officers at Reina Sofia airport arrested two people yesterday and charged them with smuggling cocaine into Tenerife.

The suspicious looking couple, a 26-year-old Colombian man with initials F.S.G.M., and a 19-year-old woman from Ecuador, were stopped by the officers. Nothing illegal was found in their luggage but they were found to be carrying 700g of capsules of cocaine in their stomachs.

World animal day in Los Gigantes

Posted by dolly diver on October 14, 2008
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crowds-gathering-in-the-squareHundreds poured into the Los Gigantes Plaza for an Animal Awareness Day combined with a fête and nearly new sale run by the Santiago del Teide branch of Asociación San Francisco de los Animales.

For the full story and more pictures of the event go to – then click on News and Events.

Whale song

Posted by dolly diver on October 13, 2008
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Keep an eye out for the Song of the Whale as it carries out research on the beaked whales who live around the Canary Islands.Beaked Whale

The boat is the research vessel for the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
There are at least 20 species of beaked whales but they are so difficult to observe that only a few have been studied in detail and some species have never been seen alive. Eleven species have been discovered since 1908, the latest being Perrin’s beaked whale in 2002 and it is highly possible that there are species of beaked whales yet to be discovered. Read more

Can you identify this thief?

Posted by dolly diver on October 13, 2008
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The Guardia Civil are appealing to the public to help them identify this man.

His actions were caught on the Bank’s security cameras as he unsheathed the knife, threatened the staff and calmly walked off with €5300. Police believe the man is in his 50’s with a pale complexion and possibly 6 foot tall. Although he spoke Spanish well it is suspected he is foreign.

If you can identify this man call the Guardia Civil on 062. Calls will be treated anonymously.

Spain guarantees bank deposits

Posted by dolly diver on October 13, 2008
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Spain gave investors a huge boost this week by doubling the guaranteed minimum of 50,000 Euros per deposit, as required by the European Union.

It will come as a relief to everyone with savings here in Tenerife – and the whole of Spain – in view of the “credit crunch” horrors of the past few weeks.

Alongside this good news, the Central Government announced a 30,000-billion-euro fund from the Treasury to “support the funding of the credit system”, describing it as a “great temporary loan” to uphold the trust of citizens.

Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero announced last week that the minimum guarantee on deposits would rise from the current 20,000 Euros to 100,000 Euros per head. Read more

Important passport delivery changes

Posted by dolly diver on October 13, 2008
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From the 3rd November new charges will apply for delivery of passports in Spain and Portugal.
All passport applications received on or after the 3rd November will be subject to the new charges, although it will still be possible to pick up your passport in person from the Consulate-General in Madrid without delivery costs. The new passport courier service will mean a greatly improved service for customers. It will be provided by DHL Express, a reputable multinational company with a strong track record of secure, on time delivery. DHL Express will:

Provide 2 employees permanently based at the British Consulate-General Madrid to ensure an efficient, dedicated and tailor-made service for our customer;

Call every customer in advance in English to ensure that they’ll be at home at the time of delivery;

Ensure an integrated end-to-end delivery process straight from our passport printers to your door. DHL Express has comprehensive coverage of the Iberian peninsula through its network of 7000 staff, 99 offices, 5000 vehicles and 25 planes;

Run an online tracking system so you can see the progress of your passport delivery in real time;

Provide uniformed, identifiable staff and provide a secure service.

British Consular Services Iberia has negotiated a very competitive and comprehensive deal for passport customers with DHL Express. This compares very favourably to prices charged by other companies for secure delivery of important documents, particularly as it includes a number of additional features such as advance customer contact in English.

The costs for the new service are as follows:

Mainland Spain, Balearics, Ceuta, Melilla and Portugal: 16 Euros*

Canary Islands, Portuguese Islands and Andorra: 21 Euros*

(*These prices are exclusive to customers of British Consular Services Iberia)

Further information on this service, including delivery times, prices and tracking, will be published on the British Embassy website from 3rd November. You may also consult DHL’s website for further information on their services.
Source: British Embassy

Apartment Fire in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on October 5, 2008
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santiago-beach-apts-puerto-santiagoAt 6.30 am on Thursday morning, 2nd Oct, the peaceful neighbourhood of Puerto Santiago was woken by sirens from police cars and fire engines.

Residents of the 50 apartments in the  Santiago Beach Apartment complex, opposite the harbour and beach in Puerto Santiago,  suddenly found themselves being evacuated from the building.

apartment-fire-santiago-beachDuring the evacuation the police noticed a man with blood on his hands and he was taken to one side to be questioned.

The 32yr old man, with the initials, F.J.P.H, admitted setting fire to his second floor apartment because he was paraniod he would be attacked and stabbed while he slept by his enemies. There had been several recent arguments which had resulted in the police being called.

He was arrested, handcuffed and transported to the Guardia Civil station in Playa San Juan, via the medical centre in Alcalá for treatment to his injuries.