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Fashion Show – Los Gigantes square – 3rd Oct 2008

Posted by dolly diver on September 15, 2008
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fashion-showThe Ayuntamiento are organising a fashion show which will be held in the plaza – Los Gigantes on Friday 3rd October 2008 starting at 8pm. A catwalk is being built for the occasion.

All the clothes shops in the area are invited to show their autumn and winter collections at reduced prices.

There will also be the election of Miss Atlantic and Miss Tourism 2008.

After the huge success of the Plaza party which was held at the square in Los Gigantes on 30th August, organised by the Carnival commission and the Ayuntamiento. It has been decided to organise a similar event to celebrate Tourists Day on Sat Sept 27th. There will be various events taking place around the hotels, in the streets and in the square at Los Gigantes.

The full program will be available shortly and posted on our “what’s on locally” page.
The pictures below are from the Plaza party Aug 30th 2008

 	can-can-girls crowd
foam-party pink-wall
power-fm-viana-shows steve-gerald-maggie-porter-fred-dudman

Ferry prices fall

Posted by dolly diver on September 14, 2008
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 	fred-olson-ferryFred Olsen ferry company has wasted no time in passing on fuel savings to their customers. Earlier this month the fuel surcharges on all crossings were reduced following the drop in the price of petrol.
The company announces that the lower fares come into effect on Monday 15th September, and it is hoped that it will lead to an increase in passenger numbers.

In addition, following the popularity of ‘Tarifa Si’, the campaign is to be continued throughout September. A return trip between Gran Canaria and Tenerife for two people with a car continues to cost just €90.

The €20 return ticket for students will also be extended.

Just another manic Friday

Posted by dolly diver on September 12, 2008
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Reina Sofia Airport TenerifeThis morning started exactly as normal. Get up, switch on Sky news see what’s happening in the world over a cup of coffee. I watched in amazement and incredulity at the demise of XL airlines. All those poor stranded people, all those poor people out of work. Have breakfast, leave house, 10 mins later the mobile rings.

In one of our other guises we are Dragonfire TV and the trusted supplier of stories for the award winning Sky news team. The call was from Sky news UK, could we get any footage of stranded people at the airport. Absolutely, we’ll go to the airport now and see what we can do but normally the airport police are not happy with anyone filming inside the airport. When we arrive at the airport a most peculiar scene greeted us within the airport building.

 	reina-sofia-airport-2Instead of huge queues at the check in desks there were huge queues at the airport flight supplier’s offices. One quick question “are any of you affected by the XL collapse and would any of you like to speak to Sky News”. We were almost mobbed with volunteers.

As for the airport authorities they obviously decided there was no point in trying to take on the dozen or more TV crews doing interviews and gathering images for their relevant news programs. Within a matter of minutes we had some 10 or more interviews done with all of the other necessary views to go with them. A further phone call to the UK, then a trip to the transmission point elsewhere on the Island which allowed the images to be transmitted back to the UK to be edited ready or the 3pm news.

Link to video  Sky news click XL holidaymakers stranded

And now…back to the plan for the day are they behaving themselves on the forum!

Youth arrested in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on September 11, 2008
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This morning, 11th September, at around 04.30 the security guards of Tamaimo Tropical hotel on the coast of Puerto Santiago called the Local Police of Santiago del Teide to arrest a youth who was caught breaking into hotel rooms.

The 21 year old youth, of Spanish nationality, with the initials H.D.A.G had forced entry into several rooms causing damage.

The youth resisted arrest, which caused more damage to the hotel furnishings. Once handcuffed and searched police found a large knife in his possession. A woman’s handbag, a wallet and several other personal items, which police believe came from the rooms in the hotel, were found in the corridor.

Once detained the youth, who has a criminal record of assaults, forced entries and other similar crimes, was taken to Local Police Headquarters to give a statement and was then transferred to the Guardia Civil in San Juan, to await his court case.

Visitors to the Canaries

Posted by dolly diver on September 10, 2008
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According to the latest figures released the number of tourists who visited in the Canaries during the first half of this year was up almost five per cent compared to the same period last year.

From the 26.6 million visitors to Spain, 4.7 million came to the Canaries, putting our region in second place behind Catalonia in the league table. The Canary Islands attracted 600,000 more tourists than our rival the Balearics, where the number of visiting tourists was up by just 2.3 per cent.

Speculation of cliff erosion dismissed

Posted by dolly diver on September 9, 2008
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Los Gigantes cliffs

There have been reports in some media recently stating that the spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes, are in danger of slipping into the sea due to erosion over the years. This would jeopardise marine life and popular activities such as whale-watching and scuba diving.

However, Enrique Montaner, a geologist with the Oceanographic Service, says he and his colleagues have found no evidence to support the claims.

Spanish Wills – which national law applies?

Posted by dolly diver on September 8, 2008
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 	making-a-willAt some point, most ex-pats who have emigrated to Tenerife or Spain with a view to a permanent move will take the important step of making a Spanish will.

Spanish law, unlike English law has a peculiarity in that it seeks to apply the law of nationality to certain legal matters personal to the individual. Hence, English law may be applied to matters affecting those of British nationality, notwithstanding the fact that they may have lived in Tenerife for many years.
Many ex-pats (and probably a fair number of lawyers) find this concept alien and confusing. In light of the large number of ex-pats establishing in Spain, the rule may even come under challenge or review in the future. However, at the time of writing, the principle continues to apply.

So what does this mean for the British ex-pat? Most notably, any matter involving divorce, family law, wills or probate is likely to proceed in accordance with the relevant British law as opposed to Spanish law.

For example, a British national making a Spanish will is free to leave their property to whosoever they choose (spouse, children, the postman, the dog etc.), whereas Spanish nationals must leave certain compulsory percentages to their spouse and children, regardless of personal wishes.

A potential pitfall occurs when a British national goes to a Spanish lawyer, gestor or other such individual to prepare their will. In most cases, the local adviser will have had no legal training or experience in English or Scottish law or matters relating to UK tax or trusts. Very often, the local adviser may not appreciate the effect that an existing or subsequent British will may have on the Spanish version. Important matters may be overlooked that could affect both wills, or in the worst cases, render one or other void or ineffective.

Each client’s individual circumstances are best reviewed to ensure that the resultant Will achieves its intended purpose and properly protects the client’s interests.

John Hatrick is theprincipal lawyer with Tenerife Solicitors and will be available through these pages to answer your enquiries on English or Spanish legal matters. E-mail your questions to with the heading ‘Legal Questions’. More information can be found on their website at

Source: Island Connections

Telefonica hike

Posted by dolly diver on September 5, 2008
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TelephoneTelefonica have reacted to the global crisis by charging for services that in the past were free.

The company presided by César Alierta has announced that it will charge clients 50 cents per call for the identification of callers on their home telephones. The new charge will commence Oct this year and will cover all of Telefonica’s 6 million clients across Spain.

Telefonica rather sheepishly admitted that the caller identification service was introduced during 2001 as a “promotion” and the offer had to come to an end “sooner or later”.

If you have the service and want to cancel you will need to inform Telefonica directly.

Source: The Tenerife Sun