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A wild,wet day at Siam Park

Posted by dolly diver on September 29, 2008
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Click on video player for a short film of the day (to activate player click on wild, wet day at Siam park)

(Photos are stills from footage – click on pic to enlarge)

Siam Park dragon

Siam Park, the biggest new tourist attraction on Tenerife for years, was finally opened earlier this month after overcoming huge hurdles, missed deadlines and disappointing delays. The opening night, earlier this month could not be missed. So armed with our many bags of camera equipment we collected the press passes and enjoyed the evening. (see original news story here)

On commenting to the staff of the park that by filming late in the day when light levels were low we couldn’t capture the true atmosphere the thrill of the place. So the team collected passes once again to spend a fun day out at the park.

All the rides in the park are fully open. Our aim was to get work out of the way first so we could then try the rides out for ourselves. Trying to get the crew to concentrate was our first slight snag – they wanted to go to play, but threats of lunch only when filming finished soon whipped them into action. DaRKeTaMiN needed no encouragement to get his clothes off and get into action along with the rest of our thrill seeking guinea pigs, Sam, Danny and Guacci. Read more

Dolphin birth captured on film

Posted by dolly diver on September 29, 2008
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The Flipper Uno, one of the dolphin spotting boats which departs from Los Gigantes twice daily made an unusual discovery on one of their trips recently.

Erik Bos, one of the crew members of Flipper Ono, whose job it is to spots the dolphins and chat to the passengers about their daily lives and habits, noticed that one of the dolphins alongside the boat was acting in an unusual way. After a few moments of observation he noticed that she was giving birth as she followed the boat. Quick thinking he grabbed his camera and took a couple of shots before the boat changed course and left her in peace.

The boat’s captain, Jennifer Dubbelaar sent the photographs to a biologist who confirmed that as far as they were aware, they were the first recorded photographs of a dolphin giving birth in the wild.

Dia del Turista – Day of the Tourist

Posted by dolly diver on September 26, 2008
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Santiago del Teide council are organising several fun events today and tomorrow to celebrate Dia del Tourista – International Day of the Tourist.

The celebrations begin this morning Fri 26th Sept 2008 at 10.30 with a show of Canarian products as well as Canarian folklore music and entertainment in the streets of Playa Arena.

This evening from 17:30 Folklore Canaria, in their traditional Canarian costumes, will be entertaining in hotels and apartments in the area.

Tomorrow evening Sat 27th Sept 2008 from 8pm in the plaza – Los Gigantes there will be a show of Canarian products as well as more performances of Canarian folklore music. The evening will end with entertainment from a well know local duo “Old Dogs, New tricks”

Laundering black money!

Posted by dolly diver on September 25, 2008
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money-launderingTwo well dress African men, passing themselves off as respectable entrepreneurs, have been arrested in the south of Tenerife.

They claimed they had escaped from their country of origin with large sums of money, US dollars and Euros, which had been dyed black to look like worthless paper to avoid detection.

They then explained to their victims that the money could be washed clean if they used an expensive miracle chemical which would restore the notes to their original condition.

The pair then claimed they were out of cash, out of time and they were selling the cash for one third of its value!

Several gullible people fell into this trap and found they were unable to ‘launder’ the money!

Dingo Dogs rescue shelter

Posted by dolly diver on September 22, 2008
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(click on photo to enlarge)

There has been much talk and heated discussions this past couple of weeks on both forum and tenerife forum I won’t repeat the discussions but anyone interested can catch up through these links.

Basically there were 2 questions:- Are Dingo Dogs a registered legal Charity, with fiscal and inscripción numbers, and should they, as they are based in Guia De Isora, fundraise in the Santiago del Teide area, where there are already 2 registered animal charities.  These 2 questions have triggered off one of the most controversial strings on the forum.

At the invitation of Andy, president of Dingo Dogs and Phil, the director I was invited to the centre to see for myself the shelter and meet all the dogs in their care. All they requested of me was an unbiased report, I could take as many photos as I wished, and no area of the sanctuary was out of bounds to me. I then thought it a good idea if Judith Noble, from the Santiago del Teide Branch of Asociación San Francisco de los Animales, came with me because she had never visited the shelter. That was no problem to Phil.

part-of-the-rescue-shelterThe shelter is located quite a way up the Cuevo del Polvo road. I would have had problems finding it but Andy met us and we followed him. As we pulled up at the shelter the dogs were so excited at having visitors that we were unable to talk for a while until they settled down. Phil welcomes visitors at anytime but it is best to telephone ahead and give him warning. The reason being is that the majority of the dogs have complete run of the large grounds. When visitors arrive the dogs get excited which can lead to a punch up between them. Phil fastens the possible troublemakers by their leads to their respective kennels to keep order in camp. Read more

Drugs bust in San Juan

Posted by dolly diver on September 19, 2008
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The peace and tranquillity of Playa San Juan was interrupted on Monday evening 15th Sept 08 when the police flew into action with a large scale drugs raid. For several months undercover investigations had taken place in the Guia Isora area. The arrests shocked the villagers as one of the men whisked away in hand cuffs was a well know resident.

Bar Tropical as well as a neighbouring gym have been closed down by the National police. As well as San Juan further arrests were made in Fonsalia and the small village of Acojeje near Guia de Isora.

World Animal Day

Health centres – restricted hours

Posted by dolly diver on September 17, 2008
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The Department of Health has suspended afternoon opening in the centres in Tamaimo and Puerto Santiago due to staffing shortages.

The decision prompted the local council to pass a motion calling for normal service to be resumed as quickly as possible. ‘We realise the Department can be affected by staffing difficulties but cannot accept that they always have to affect us. This is the third time Santiago del Teide has suffered a health centre closure in recent times’ said a spokesman for the town’s Canarian Coalition party, which is demanding an urgent meeting with the regional health minister.

Siam Park now open

Posted by dolly diver on September 16, 2008
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Siam Park Was it worth the wait, I asked myself, as we collected our press passes on Monday evening (15th Sept 2008) for the opening of the long awaited Siam Park, the biggest water kingdom in Europe.

There have been lengthy technical delays  which prevented  the park opening earlier this year, but these delays have allowed the vegetation to flourish. 8,500 palm trees have been planted on the previously barren hillside, as well as many exotic plants and cacti.  They are all irrigated by the same desalinated sea water that is used on the slides to avoid depleting the island’s precious reservoirs. The park covers 185,000 square metre and has been under construction for 6 years.

The ribbon was cut by the Princess of Thailand, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in front of 2000 guests and 180 journalists. We surged through the gate with the flow and stood in awe at the sight before us. The park, a recreation of the old Kingdom of Siam, is absolutely stunning.

There are many  rides, which will appeal to the youngsters who enjoy wild wet fun, and once exhausted there’s the world’s longest Lazy River to relax on.  For the under 10′s there’s a whole Lost City, (pic above) and to complete the park they’ve constructed a long white beach overlooking a surf school where enthusiasts can practice their skills on 3m-high artificial waves. The pièce de résistance, clearly, is the Tower of Power. The only ride you do bareback,(photo below) ie without using an inflatable tube, it drops you 28m down a near-vertical slide, then shoots you through an enclosed pipe in a tank filled with alligators and piranah fish! (Not sure I’m game for that one, but the lazy river sounds good) To our amusement a group of local youngsters had been invited in to try some of the rides for the cameras. They showed off with shrieks and screams as they threw themselves down the slides. Tower of Power

The park is open from 10 am to 6 pm daily. Entrance fee is €28 for adults and €18 for children aged 3 to 11. Residents discounts adults €25 and children €16. There is a special Twin Ticket to cover Loro Parque and Siam Park, this is €49 for adults (€39 residents) and €33 € for kids (€25 residents) , if you book on line its €46 for adults, and €31 for kids.

More photos of the opening night view picture galleries.

To watch the video of the opening night – click video “Siam Park Opening Night” on  Video player

The team will visit the park very soon to test out the rides. DaRKeTaMiN, our web master has volunteered to try out the Tower of Power!!!! so watch this space for another story and more video footage.

63 illegal immigrants arrive on Los Gigantes beach.

Posted by dolly diver on September 16, 2008
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Immigrants of Los Gigantes Beach

Los Gigantes beach is normally a happy scene of tourists and locals alike enjoying the sun, sea and sand in the quiet bay.

At approximately 8am this morning (Tues 16th Sept 2008) it was a totally different scene, it became the latest one of the  archipelago beaches to be landfall for a patera.

The authorities swung into action to provide the humanitarian care with first aid, water, food and clothing provided from the Council and the Red Cross.

Immigrants of Los Gigantes Beach

A heavy police and Guardia Civil presence ensured the 63 immigrants remained contained on the beach. One immigrant was taken to hospital for an emergency operation and several others were treated by the Red Cross for minor injuries.

The boat people are the usual mix of young to middle aged men. This group can count themselves lucky as many die on the crossing and had they not made landfall here they would have undoubtedly ended up in the trade winds and currents which flow from here to the Caribbean.

Immigrants of Los Gigantes BeachIt shows once again that no matter how vigilant the authorities are these boats still slip past the control net.

It has to be said that on every occasion when we have been involved in the filming of this human crisis the authorities here have acted with great compassion and professionalism.

View video footage of this mornings event click on “63 illegal immigrants on Video Player