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For many years the theme of carnival has caused controversy and this year is no different with the theme of Frankenstein.

The winning portrait depicts Frankenstein, one of the most famous fictitious monsters of all time, from the gothic novel by Mary Shelly and of course the now, “cult”, horror movies.

The work, of the artist Gonzalo Luís Fernández, and entitled ‘Monster Dancer’, was selected last week among other 103 submitted to the public tender convened in the capital of Tenerife.

The theme of Carnival in 2009 (the film from terror) invited artists to have free rein of their imagination and to the eccentricities of artist participants. The judgment of the jury was made public by the Municipality in a communiqué, and alongside the carnival portrait of one of the most famous monsters of all times-born in the literature, in the pen of Mary Shelley, and developed in the cinema.

All the posters are now exhibited to the public by the Society Municipal Development in Santa Cruz and it is hoped the carnival will continue to entice more visitors next year, therefore improving the local economy.

Last year the island of Tenerife came alive with film music as the ‘Fimucité Festival Internacional de Musica de Cine de Tenerife’ was launched.

Time flies as usual and the Canary Island plays host yet again to the festival later this month. Between June 23rd and 29th the town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will welcome some of film music’s biggest talents; Christopher Young, John Frizzell, Joel McNeely, Ramin Djawadi, Trevor Rabin, Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek and Fernando Velázquez will all be present and each will see selections of their music performed during one of four scheduled concerts.

The Tenerife Film Orchestra and Choir, directed by Diego Navarro, will present the music and the programme is enough to make me want to jump on a plane right now. Aside from music by the guest composers, which will include symphonic suites and themes from the likes of Iron Man, The Orphanage, Hellraiser II, The Reaping, Perfume and National Treasure, the ensemble will present selections from classic movies and composers. Alex North’s unused score for 2001: A Space Odyssey will get a weighty presentation, while Joel McNeely will conduct a programme called ‘In Session – A Film Music Celebration’ based on the Varèse Sarabande album of the same name and thus featuring works by Herrmann, Goldsmith, Williams, Barry and Waxman.

There is of course much more besides, including other guests such as Varèse president Robert Townson, Sam Schwartz (of the Gorfaine-Schwartz Agency) and agents to many of the biggest names in the business Richard Kraft and Laura Engel. Quite frankly it looks like a great week of sunshine (hopefully) and music. For more information go to the festival’s web site

Source: Music from the movies – Michael Beek

The ultra-modern tram system of Santa Cruz celebrates its first birthday today. The 21-stop link between Santa Cruz and La Laguna commenced on 2nd June 2007 and has carried over two million passengers since then.

It took 7 years to transfer the initial project from the drawing board to reality, as well as three years of actual road works, which caused the biggest ever traffic congestions for both cities and an uproar by taxi drivers claiming their living was being destroyed.

The tram system is a huge success and now few dispute the benefits brought by the tram, which is used by almost 50,000 people every day.

A one-month trial offering free wi-fi access to tram users is currently underway
The scheme is a joint project involving the Canary Islands Research, Society and Innovation Agency and Vodafone.

Four trams have been fitted with 3G broadband wi-fi routers initially, and it is planned to convert the rest of the fleet if the trial proves popular with the customers.

Work on a second tram line is under way and plans are being made to extend the existing one as far as Tenerife North Airport within a few years.

Lower paid workers to lose out in tax rebate farce

Posted by dolly diver on June 2, 2008
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Around 11 million of Spain’s low paid workers, including large families with one wage earner, earn so little, they don’t pay enough in tax to give them the €400 tax rebate which has been promised by the Government. Another example is a single childless person earning 9,650 euros, or less, gross.

The problem has occured because the rebate is being handed out in credits, not cash.

An employee liable to pay €400 euros or more in tax, between June and September, will simply pay €400 euros less tax, which leaves them with €400 extra cash in hand.

Low paid workers, who would only pay €100 tax, will have the remaining €300 credited to his account but they will have to wait for their June 2009 annual tax declaration to claim back the difference. This has resulted in fierce criticism from the political opposition as well as uproar among social welfare groups

Will the Government act on the fierce criticism and uproar and amend the scheme to take account of what appears to be, a huge gaffe by a socialist administration?

Canarian Google Earth is now at the fingertips of anyone with access to the internet. It is a high tech database containing information about the geography of the Canary Islands.

The system allows users enter the name of an hotel, Government building, or an address, to view the images. You can see a map of the location, or obtain information on the area. You can zoom into an individual property to a lay-over street map of roads. Ideal if you are looking to purchase a property.

The direct link to bookmark is

You will find the system works well using Microsoft Internet Explorer, but it will not work using Firefox. It is all in Spanish, but it’s not difficult to work out what everything does.

Inter-island mini breaks with Binter Airline

Posted by dolly diver on June 2, 2008
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Special deals have been introduced by Canarian airline, Binter, promoting weekend getaways for flights and accommodation, between the islands.

The packages commence 6th June and cost between €115 and €140 and can be booked directly from Binter on their website

The promotion, to give residents and visitors the opportunity to get a taste of the other islands at a very affordable price, is being run in conjunction with the Canary Council of Tourism, with the two-day breaks beginning on Friday or Saturday. Already the demand is high, so book quickly as places are limited.

Hotel accommodation is four star minimum, with many of them having spa facilities, which offers a totally relaxing weekend.

2 new special taxi’s for Santiago Del Teide

Posted by dolly diver on June 2, 2008
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The Santiago del Teide council has just received its 2nd taxi especially designed for people with reduced mobility.  Of the 34 taxis licensed in Santiago del Teide, these 2 will help solve the continuous demand for more adaptable vehicles.

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