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Seven million kg of Canarian bananas are held up in containers on the mainland in Cadiz, Seville and Alicante. If the fruit is not moved to markets in the next day or two it will rot, the economic cost could be well over nine million euros. The Canary Island’s Government has asked Madrid for help.

In addition, there are stock piles of fresh produce waiting to be shipped to the Canary Islands. Should it fail to arrive this weekend, importers are warning that we could face shortages next week.

An Andalucían company, who grow organic fruit and vegetables, have given away 10 tons of produce this week, rather than see it go to waste or be thrown away due to the strike.







The Green Corner Bar, a focal point and for many in Los Gigantes, re-opened their doors last night after several weeks closure.

Many who have passed by during the last few weeks will have observed a very active building site. The bar was totally gutted and very tastefully refurbished, giving it a modern fresh feel, don’t worry though the green is still there, as well as the warm cheerful atmosphere, to the delight of all the locals.

Owner for 15 years, Val Childs decided that it was time to bring the bar more upmarket as the last refurbish was way back in 1985. Val now lives full time in the UK to be nearer her family, and has left the bar in the capable hands of Manageress Jo Tejera – Leon.


Jo (pictured right) has been a resident in Tenerife since 1994. She left her nursing career in the UK for a change of scenery, came to Los Gigantes for a 3 month trial period – loving the weather and her life style here, she decided to stay. At the beginning her working life here in Los Gigantes she did spend 4 years working at the Green Corner – then took a career break. She is now manager, and with her all girl team, Rachel, Faye and Kayleigh they have the bar open for morning coffee, and stay open all day through until late in the evening.

Whether it’s just for the atmosphere or to watch one of the many sporting events on the flat screen TV’s you’ll be sure of a good time.

San Juan and Alcala Markets open again

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Alcala Market re-opens on Monday 16th June and will open every Monday 10am – 2pm

San Juan Market re-opens Wednesday 18th June and will open every Wednesday 10am – 2pm

Enquiries for stalls Call 922 713246 Mob 610464841

or email

Many of you will have seen me, Beauty manning my post from Monday to Friday outside the office in El Varadero. The highlight of my day is to mug (with big brown pleading eyes and a hopeful wag of the tail) the ladies (well anyone actually) returning from the supermarket with their shopping. Now this week as well as mugging them for the odd nice tit bit I’ve been mugging them for money too – sponsorship for the Associacion de San Francisco de Los Animales walk, which is taking place on Sunday 15th June from the new hotel in Alcala to Pilgrims Bar in Playa Arena.

I was a rescue dog myself. I was roaming in the Punta Blanca area and was very ill, although I didn’t look it. To cut a long story short I was taken in by Paul, (my human) even though he did send me to the kennels first, for which I have forgiven him. I was nursed back to health and I am told that I have a lovely nature, (no biting the hand that feeds here, unless it is due to over enthusiastic munching of a tit bit, oops sorry). I won the obedience award several times in the local dog show (well it was easy really, I just wanted to please Paul).

Many of you will have seen me pulling the Santa’s sledge on the Lion’s annual Carol Singing events around Los Gigantes. However, last year at the age of 13yrs Paul thought I should retire from this duty, the back legs are beginning to give me a bit of trouble, I do have some lumps and bumps now but my hero took me to the vets (that’s the Human with the stick thing he sticks under your tail, well I can’t mention the details, ladies don’t speak of such things), and he says to leave the lumps alone.

On Sunday I am coming out of retirement to raise funds for all those cats and dogs less fortunate than me. Already I have raised €135 and still have 4 days to go. So if you are passing through El Varadero please call in and put some money in my jar. (if you don’t know exactly where I am tel: 922 862713

Press release from the British Consulate in Madrid

Due to the disruption caused by the road hauliers’ strike in Spain and Portugal, the passport courier delivery service provided by Bpack for the British Consulate has been suspended.

We are monitoring the situation and will reinstate the service as soon as possible. In the meantime, customers who have submitted a passport application to us can call our hotline on 91 524 9761 (Spain) between 10am and 2pm or 213924104 (Portugal) between 9am and 11am.

If customers need to travel soon and cannot collect their passports personally in Madrid or in Lisbon, they may request to have them delivered by registered post. But this is at customers’ own risk as the Spanish and Portuguese Postal Services are likely to be affected by the strike too.

The British Consulate is doing everything it can to ensure that customers’ passports are safe; the suspension of the courier service at this time of uncertainty will help safeguard these important documents. As soon as the Bpack service is no longer affected by the strike, passports will be couriered to customers as quickly as possible.


Bodega San Miguel has received the Silver Medal at the “Challenge du Vin”, held in Bordeaux (France)

The wines of Bodega San Miguel have recently obtained the Silver Medal at the “Challenge du Vin”, held in Bordeaux (France), one of the most prestigious wine gatherings in the world. The prize recognises the value of the excellent vineyards that there are not only in this part of the Island but all over Tenerife.

The Tenerife wine produce, belonging to the San Miguel de Casmi Agricultural Cooperative, received its recognition as one of five thousand wines from thirty-five different countries which entered the competition.

Consumers in Tenerife urged not to panic buy

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The Canarian Government is urging people not to empty shops of basic foodstuffs in anticipation of shortages in the next week.

As news of the effects of the hauliers’ strike continues to make the national and international headlines, the regional government insists that the situation is under control and there is no need for panic buying.

Reports yesterday indicated that one of the cargo ships that supplies the islands had been unable to load hundreds of containers at Cadiz due to the strike by lorry drivers, who are protesting at soaring fuel costs. However, the authorities stress there is no cause for concern and people who have started to panic buy are behaving selfishly.

Medicine supply in Tenerife fears grow

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The Canarian health authorities are to stockpile medicines due to fears that the haulers strike in Spain will cause supply problems in the coming days and weeks.

Pharmaceutical distributors have been asked to ensure they have stocks for longer periods to cope with the possible repercussions of the stoppages, which began yesterday. The haulers are protesting at rising fuel costs and have already caused major problems for petrol stations in the Barcelona area. A Health Department spokesman said yesterday that firms had been asked several days ago to bring forward their monthly orders to make sure the stocks of medicines are in the islands before the strike begins to bite.

Inquiry into rape claim in Playa Paraiso

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The Guardia Civil are questioning a 39-year-old man in connection with the rape of a teenage Irish tourist.

Police said a man befriended the 16 year old in a bar in the resort of Playa Paraiso, on 3 June, where she was staying on holiday with her family.

He invited her back to an apartment where, she claimed, she was kept for several hours against her will and raped.

Afterwards, she reported the incident to the local Civil Guard station