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Tax offices ‘snowed under’ with return queries

Posted by dolly diver on June 22, 2008
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Tax office staff in the region are snowed under with the number of enquiries concerning errors in annual returns sent out to people living here.

Representatives of the tax office said that they have reached saturation point due to the volume of people who have asked for their calculations to be reviewed due to mistakes made in the pre-prepared forms.

Nine out of fourteen offices in the Canaries are effected and there could be delays in issuing rebates.

Farewell to QE2

Posted by dolly diver on June 22, 2008
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The world’s most famous cruise ship has paid its last ever visit to Tenerife.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 arrived in Santa Cruz port on Friday morning for a 1-day stop and will be the focus of a special goodbye celebration organised by the local authorities.

The liner, which first visited Tenerife in 1969, has been sold by Cunard to a Dubai company which intends to convert it into a floating hotel. Passengers are to be met today by hostesses in typical Canarian dress and will be sent on their way at 10pm tonight with a firework display.
The cruise liner, which first visited the island on April 5th, 1969, will be handed over to its new owners in November, and, will become part of the Palm Jumeirah complex – the biggest artificial island in the world.

Improvements are planned for one of the oldest, most deteriorated, areas of Playa de Las Américas and the cost is estimated at around €600,000 with most of the money being paid by the Canarian government.

Arona council have singled out Verónicas and Starco for urgent special attention as they are the busiest spots, both day and night

The redevelopment project includes a number of green areas, up to a hundred more parking spaces and several pedestrian crossings. The current wall between Verónicas and Avenida Rafael Puig will be demolished and a single lane built for traffic, which will be one-way only. Part of the road further up the stretch will be widened also to give room for bin lorries to turn and not have to pass through the shopping area as at present.

The pavements in the Verónicas and Starco areas are also due to be replaced with better quality stone and kerbs lowered in several parts to facilitate wheelchair and pushchair access. No date has been set for completion of the work.

The cost of walking to paradise

Posted by dolly diver on June 18, 2008
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If the Cabildo get their way, visitors will have to pay for the privilege of walking down the Masca ravine.

The official environmental reason is clear, the paradise needs protecting and that costs.

A similar toll is paid to walk through Hell’s Gullie, el barranco del infierno, on the south side of the hills.

Forty years ago the village of Masca was almost com¬pletely isolated. In recent years it’s become such a tourist at¬traction that the paths on the walk are becoming badly eroded and the main bridge was burnt through in the fires.

The other reason may be economic. The mayor of Buenavista, the mu¬nicipality to which Masca belongs, is also keen to do his bit for the environ¬ment but his council could benefit even more from the proceeds from the paying walkers. Ecologist groups like Ben Magec see that economic sideline as the main reason behind the initiative. They are op¬posed to having to pay to walk anywhere.

Others, like the guided walk organisation Patea tus Montes, are entirely in favour of a charge to walk down the Masca ravine. According to their spokesman the damage caused by people walking has been brutal. These guides already charge €18 a head for transport to and a guide during the Masca walk. Anyone who can’t face the walk back up the barranco can pay €10 for a boat trip to Los Gigantes marina.

Health and safety experts described the tragic death of a Tenerife plane mechanic who was sucked into the engine of an Airbus on Monday night as ‘totally incomprehensible’.

An LTE spokesman said this that the man was sucked into one of the engines of the Airbus 320 at around 10pm, at Tenerife South airport, just before the plane was due to take off for Warsaw. Ambulance services rushed to the scene to find the mechanic sliced to pieces by the spinning blades of the engine.

The inquiry initial findings are believed to show that a colleague in the cockpit revved the engines to 90% power while the 24-year-old Miguel Angel Rodríguez was working near the forward undercarriage, a procedure which clearly breaches safety regulations. The suction created was the equivalent of a 70mph wind and the mechanic was shredded to pieces immediately.

Identification relied on DNA tests due to lack of recognisable body parts. A health and safety spokesman for another airline operating in the Canaries said ‘procedures had clearly been breached in the maintenance operation, with tragic consequences’.

Passport Courier Service Reinstated

Posted by dolly diver on June 18, 2008
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Following Suspension of Road Hauliers’ Strike The passport courier service operated by Bpack was reinstated on Tuesday 17 June. Passports will be couriered to customers as quickly as possible.


However, due to the road hauliers’ strike, Bpack have a backlog of passports to distribute and customers may still experience slight delays. In the meantime, if you have an urgent compassionate need to travel – e.g. for a family illness – then please contact our call centre on 807 429 026 (for Spain) or 800 813 877 (for Portugal) between 09:00 and 17:30 local time.


Associacion San Fransisco de los animales – Sponsored gallop!

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Read the full story on their web site – news and events blog.

On June the 4th 2008, Maxims Restaurant re-opened in a brand new location – Cuevo del Polvo, the former home of El Guanche, on the main road between Alacala and Los Gigantes, just above El Varadero.

The new setting offers, easy parking and spectacular sea views from the cliffs of Los Gigantes to El Varadero, The terrace is the perfect setting to enjoy a delicious meal while watch the sun setting over La Gomera. In the cooler months you can dine in the very tastefully decorated interior.

The owner, Denis Kets, is from Belgium. After loosing his job 9 years ago in his home country he looked for a brand new start. Denis and his son packed up their belongings and moved to Tenerife, attracted by the weather and the lifestyle.

His new life started in Las Galletas working in an apart/hotel whilst his son enjoyed his new school and the challenge of learning another language, then in Dec 2006 he opened Maxims in Los Gigantes. There he met Christina.

Christina, (left) having worked in the Swiss Chalet, Ireland for many years where she won the Irish Tourism Award in both 1984 and 1985 moved to Tenerife in 1986, eventually becoming the owner/chef of La Bodega in Puerto Santiago for 10 years. Due to family commitments she retired.

Fed up and bored with retirement she became, and still is, chef of Maxims, preparing and cooking a mouth watering selection of French and Belgium cuisine with that little twist of luxury that can make an evening really special. All produce is prepared specifically to your order using only the highest quality fresh products.


Every Friday and Saturday evening, as well as Sunday lunchtime, you can dine at your leisure and enjoy listening to their resident pianist – Julia – playing a selection of much loved tunes gently in the background.

For more information about their superb menu and opening times, check out their website

Tel: 922 862 415 or 653 944 995

Oil hike repercussions ‘inevitable’

Posted by dolly diver on June 13, 2008
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Binter Airlines and Armas ferry companies in the Canary Islands say that due to soaring oil prices they may have no choice but to put fares up again.

They were initially reluctant to increase their costs, and they have now reached a point where they cannot sustain the extra costs without endangering viability.

The price of a barrel of oil broke the $130 barrier recently, over double the price at the start of the year, and inter-island journeys are heavy users of fuel.

Binter, the region’s biggest airline (over three million passengers a year) says it does not rule out seeking government authorisation to add a surcharge to tickets of one or two euros in order to offset the oil price increase.

Ferry operator Armas has promised to do its best not to pass on the increase but is ‘monitoring developments closely’.

Fuel protest takes to streets in the Canaries

Posted by dolly diver on June 13, 2008
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Hundreds of lorries are expected to take part in a protest at spiralling fuel prices in several of the Canary Islands today.

An estimated 300 trucks, vans and coaches will turn out in a Canarian version of the mobilisation of hauliers that has brought Madrid and Barcelona to a standstill several times this week.

The protest has been organised to voice anger at the failure of the government to take steps to mitigate the rising cost of fuel in the transport sector. Snail’s pace traffic is expected in Las Palmas, Arrecife and Puerto de Rosario at various times of the day.

In Tenerife sector representatives have opted not to take to the streets but instead hand in a petition asking for urgent measures.

Update 13.6.08 @ 16:00
Lorry drivers in Tenerife are blockading the Port in Santa Cruz, other drivers are causing chaos on the motor ways by driving slowly.