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A middle-aged man was refused a drink on a flight from Manchester to Tenerife. His response? To swear at airplane crew members. Their response? The pilot diverted the charter plane and forced the troublesome holidaymaker to disembark on a barren volcanic island off the west coast of Africa some 300 miles from his destination. Read more

Santiago del Teide county council has issued the route for the 11th annual Santiago pilgrimage walk, the Ruta Jacobea Tinerfeña 2008, The walk is scheduled for July 19th and 20th.

Pilgrims will follow the traditional route this year which leaves from the Santiago Apóstol parish church in Los Realejos. It was at this church that the nine Guanche kings were baptised, the ancient aboriginal rulers of the island who signalled the formal conversion of Tenerife to Christianity after the Spanish conquest.

The route will then take the Pilgrims to the hermitage in the Valle de Arriba just outside of Santiago del Teide, then on to the Santiago Apóstol church in Santiago del Teide.

During the walk several places of historical interest will be visited. The Mirador de La Corona, las Coladas del Volcán de Garachico, Los Campeches, la Fuente del Bardo, and Los Partidos de Franki, before arriving at the hermitage of Santiago, which was built in 1550.

Vehicles are being organised to carry back packs and to provide first aid if required.

Those interested need to contact the Cultural department at the Santiago del Teide town hall or telephone 922863127: Ext. 234 or 235.

There are a limited number of places so book early.

An abandoned zodiac inflatable was discovered yesterday by Guardia Civil officers on the beach near the Granadilla Industrial Park containing 40 bales of hashish.

It is thought that the inflatable came ashore in the early hours but a patrol boat had scared off the smugglers. They abandoned the inflatable as well as the 1,000 kg of hashish it contained.

Drug traffickers regularly use the sea route between Africa and Tenerife as a stepping stone to get their illegal cargo into mainland Europe.

Articulated lorry ploughs into cars in Santa Cruz

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The dangers of the steep main road into Santa Cruz were once again in evidence on Saturday morning when an articulated lorry ploughed into cars waiting at traffic lights on the Avenida Manuel Hermoso.

The 32-year-old driver told police his brakes had failed as he drove down the steep access road. The lorry crashed into five cars, totally destroying one of them, but miraculously only one person was seriously injured, a 35-year-old Bolivian who suffered a serious head trauma. He was transferred to Our Lady of Candelaria Hospital, along with another six people who were suffering minor injuries and shock.

Santa Cruz council said afterwards that the large articulated lorry should not have been using the lane at the time, a rule the driver was unaware of. Later examination of the vehicle’s tachograph revealed the driver had not been speeding, nor was the vehicle overloaded, but Police have charged the driver with dangerous driving.

Police said if the accident had happened on a busy week day, the consequences could have been far worse.

Several years ago a special slip road had to be built on the motorway into the capital to give lorries a safety spot in case of brake failure.

Burglar caught red handed in Los Gigantes

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On the night of May 6th the Local Police received a call from a person reporting movement inside commercial premises in Los Gigantes.

On investigation the police discovered a burglary in progress, the thief was a Romanian aged 23yrs who had gained access to the premises by forcing the door.

The youth was arrested and detained at the Guardia Civil in San Juan for a court hearing.

On further investigations it was discovered the accused has prior convictions in Castellón as well as a warrant for his arrest in Teruel, Spain.

Three timeshare offices in a well-known business centre in Playa de Las Americas have been closed down due to a flood of complaints from tourists.

The local council decided they were breaching timeshare promotion regulations and ordered the closure of the offices in the Americas Plaza centre.

The breaches included no business licence to carry out the activity and having staff pass themselves off as representatives of the island’s Cabildo in their initial approaches to clients.

The eighth edition of the prestigious Tenerife Ladies Open (TLO 2008) takes place from 19-22 June 2008 at Costa Adeje golf course (pictured right). The event will attract 120 professional players including some of the top names in the world of ladies golf from Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, England, New Zealand, Australia and India.

The tournament, organised by Turismo de Tenerife, is part of the Ladies European Tour. Prize money this year amounts to over 40,000 euros.

Tenerife has hosted the Tenerife Ladies Open since 2002. It is a very important event for the island because, as well as being one of the major highlights on the women’s golfing calendar, it is also an excellent promotion for the island as the perfect place to play golf all year round.

Last year, the tournament proved to be an efficient promotional tool for marketing Tenerife’s attractions as a golf destination and its talent for hosting major sporting events.

The Tenerife Ladies Open 2007 was staged at Golf del Sur and the winner was Nikki Garrett.

Press release – Tenerife Tourist Board

Los Gigantes Tennis Centre Under New Management

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The Los Gigantes Tennis Centre just by the main bus stop at the top of Crab Island is getting a major make over after being taken over by long term resident Sally Adamson.

Sally left school and went into banking with Nat West for 18yrs, she worked through all aspects of the banking system spending a number of years in customer service management, and latterly spent 7 years in financial planning. Before leaving the bank she spent 2 years working on the in house magazine. She then took a career break and came to Tenerife, loving it so much she decided to stay. To have something to do she worked in a few bars in the area, but felt she needed more of a challenge, well she’s certainly got one now.

The bar and restaurant has been completely gutted not even a knife or fork are left there at the moment. The terrace area has received a new roof which will give a beautiful shady out door area during summer, with drop down sides for the odd breezy day.
In addition to the restaurant, the changing rooms, and solar panels are being fully refurbished for the pool. If that was not enough, number one tennis court is being re-covered this week.


During the refurbishment the tennis courts, pool and crazy golf are open.


With Sally’s experience in financial planning and customer services, together with the rest of the team’s skills and experience in catering she hopes they can bring new fresh appeal to the centre, for everyone, not just for tennis lovers, with the pool and its beautiful surroundings, and also with the fully refurbished restaurant.


As yet the name for the Bistro restaurant has not been decided. The planned opening was hoped to be around the 1st May, but seems to be still 2 – 3 weeks away, so watch this space, as they say, and we’ll bring you the latest as soon as we know more.

€3M euros to improve El Médano coast

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The project to improve the coastline of Granadilla at El Médano, between El Cabezo and The Jaquita, an area of 107,000 square metres, will cost an estimated €3M and take 10 months to complete


At a recent meeting it was agreed that the work should begin as soon as possible.

Lower mortgage payments

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In a bid to assist the thousands of people struggling with mortgage payments, the legal fees involved in re-mortgaging have been waived. The decision was made last week between the government and mortgage lenders.

Currently, anyone wanting to extend the period of their mortgage receives a bill for around €300 for legal fees, at the time they can least afford it.

The scheme is to last for two years initially, and should reduce the number of people who are behind with their mortgage repayments.

It is hoped that the plan, which leaves families with a few extra euros each month to spend on consumer goods, will help Spain’s flagging economy.

Some critics state that like the €400 tax rebate, due this year, this scheme is simply putting off the inevitable, and that the government is more interested in protecting corporate financial institutions from an increase in bad debt, through irresponsible lending, than in helping the struggling homeowners.

The longer term loans will be subject to the banks discretion and homeowners will end up paying a lot more interest due to the longer period of the loan.