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Chuck Berry to rock Tenerife

Posted by dolly diver on March 25, 2008
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Chuck Berry
Father of Rock n’ Roll in Santa Cruz on 28th March

Living rock and roll legend Chuck Berry will be performing live at the Palacio de Deportes in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on 28th March. Tickets cost €25 and €45 euros.

According to music critics, Chuck Berry is the most important and influential songwriter of the rock and roll era. An accomplished showman, he created his own original style, gave rock and roll a following and became known as “The Father of Rock and Roll”. Between 1955 and 1959, he recorded over one hundred songs, which became major hits and in the 1960s and 1970s, Berry’s music was the inspiration for groups like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and many others.

Chuck Berry’s career includes classic tunes that have made musical history such as “Roll Over Beethoven”, “Too Much Monkey Business” and “No Money Down”.

Buy tickets online.

Be on your guard

Posted by dolly diver on March 25, 2008
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And now to a topic which causes most of us great concern. Our children and grandchildren make full use of the internet and M.S.N. chat rooms, and we all make sure that safety features are enabled. But here’s a warning to us all to be vigilant. The following is an actual transcript of a conversation between a child and an unknown “friend” in the UK:
After tossing her books on the sofa, she decided to grab a snack and get on-line. She logged on under her screen name ByAngel213. She checked her Buddy List and saw GoTo123 was on. She sent him an instant message: Read more

2 youths arrested in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on March 24, 2008
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Additional Police on duty, and extra road blocks over the Easter weekend, led to the arrest of a youth who has been wanted in connection with various crimes for some time.

Two youths aged 20yrs, M.A.G.R and 24yrs, J.U.R.B, both from Icod, were stopped in a routine road block in Puerto Santiago on Thurday 20th March. Local police became suspicious when the youths began to show nervous behaviour.

Upon further questioning the youths paniced and tried to drive off. Quick action by the police led to the arrest of both men. A stolen credit card belonging to a Norwegian woman was found during a body search.

Both men were arrested and are waiting charges. The stolen car and credit cards were handed back to the rightful owners.

Illegal Camping

Posted by dolly diver on March 24, 2008
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Locals in El Varadero breathed a sigh of relief last year when illegal camping at Punta Blanca was stopped and enforced by the local authorities. Suddenly there was an end to aggressive behaviour, noise in the streets, piles of rubbish left on the beach and a noticeable difference in the number of car and house break-ins.

However, other local authorities are not enforcing the law and over the Easter Weekend more than 10,000 illegal campers descended on the south coast of Tenerife.

There is only 1 authorised campsite in Tenerife, Montaña Roja, El Médano, which has toilet and washing facilities.

Campers complain that the site is too expensive, almost as expensive as staying in a hotel, and has very strict rules. They claim they are forced, year after year, to camp illegally facing harassment from local authorities and call on the government to create more authorised campsites at affordable prices.

Youth arrested at Easter celebrations – Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on March 24, 2008
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As the Easter Saturday celebrations in the Plaza Puerto Santiago were coming to an end a youth estimated to be in his early twenties from Municipio del Rosario identified as A.C.A.D. started showing aggressive behaviour towards locals at the event.

Despite efforts from locals to calm him down fighting broke out and the local police were soon on the scene.

The youth resisted arrest but was eventually pinned down by local police and Guardia Civil. He was hand cuffed then taken by car to give a statement at the local police station. As he was put in the car the youth was seen to bang his head continuously against the car window.

After giving a statement the youth was then handed over to the Guardia Civil where he spent the night cooling off behind bars at Guia De Isora.

On Good Friday, Guardia Civil officers in Guía de Isora arrested a 25-year-old man in connection with a spate of breaking and entering offences in the area. The suspect is also accused of stealing a birdcage from a local finca containing two rare birds, valued at more than €2,000.

Also on Good Friday, local police in Santiago del Teide arrested two youths, 18 and 22, caught driving a stolen car. They were detained at the Guardia Civil in Guia de Isora.

Robot submarine to search for missing divers

Posted by dolly diver on March 24, 2008
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The massive air–sea rescue search for the 2 missing divers who failed to surface after a cave dive at Palm Mar, near Punta Rasca on Thursday has so far been unsuccessful.

The Guardia Civil have brought in a robotic video submarine from the mainland to aid in the search for the two divers which can dive to a depth of 150 meters.Guardia Civil preparing to search

The divers have been named as Guardia Civil Sergeant Luis Santamaria, 46, a native of Seville, now based in Tenerife, and 33-year-old Belgian, Phlip K, who lives in Arona, son of the La Ballena diving club owner.

This weekend saw the spring equinox which causes very high and very low tides which generate stronger than normal currents adding problems to the search.

A team from the rescue boat, Pico Teide, while out searching for the two missing divers, came across an unrelated body yesterday, floating 300m from the beach at Fañabe. The corpse was taken to Santa Cruz where experts are trying to identity of the body of the Caucasian male, around 30 years old, dressed in blue jeans, black shoes, blue Speedo swim trunks, and a long sleeved red T-shirt.

Another load of rubbish

Posted by dolly diver on March 21, 2008
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Rubbish in AdejeThere is no solution in sight for the striking binmen in Adeje.

The strike is now in its 5th day. Rubbish continues to build up on streets despite the skeleton service ordered by the government on health grounds.

The striking binmen took the extraordinary step yesterday by filing a formal complaint against 20 hotels and businesses in the resorts for ‘arranging their own refuse collections’ to beat the strike.

The situation is particularly bad in Playa Paraiso and Callao Salvaje, where locals complain they have had just one collection by the skeleton service since the strike began on Monday.

2 divers missing at Palm Mar

Posted by dolly diver on March 21, 2008
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Statue of the Virgin del CarmenAn intense search is underway in the south of Tenerife for two divers who have disappeared from the area of El Palm Mar, near Punta Rasca in Arona yesterday at around 11am.

The buddy pair, a 46 year old Guardia Civil Sergeant Luis Santamaria, from Seville, but based in Santa Cruz and his diving buddy a Belgian, 33 year old Philip K, who lives in Arona were with a party of ten on an organised dive to explore the seabed and caves in the Palm Mar area. They failed to surface with the rest of their dive group.

Palm Mar cave is one of the South’s most famous dive sites. A reef wall housing a variety of Moray eels leads to a cave at 28m with schools of shrimp and possibility of rays inside. However, strong currents often make it a difficult dive. The cave goes in deep and should not be penetrated without special equipment and cave dive training. It has claimed lives in the past.

A memorial to two lost diversA memorial to two lost divers lies outside the cave entrance as well as a large statue of the Virgin del Carmen, protector of local fishermen.

It is not known at this time if the two divers reported missing yesterday were lost in this cave.

A 50 man emergeny services team continue their search in a four mile radius along the South coast.

Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife

The Tenerife Cabildo, with the Council for Youth and Culture for Santiago Del Teide are organising a concert by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife (Tenerife Symphony Orchestra) on 10th April 2008

The Magma Centre in Las Americas is the venue for    the performance. (From the motorway on the right hand side, it’s the building with the odd shaped roofs opposite Siam Park)

The Santiago del Teide Council are organising a trip to the event. The price is €10 per person which includes entrance to the concert, transport and insurance. There are a limited number of places so book early.Magma Convention Center

For bookings contact the Youth Centre, behind Dumbo’s in Puerto Santiago
For more information tel 922 863127 ext 234 Mornings or 922 868013 Afternoons

Translated by John Punton

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Easter Passion Play – Death of Jesus Christ

Posted by dolly diver on March 19, 2008
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Easter Passion Play
Approximately 30 local actors will present the Pasion Play at El Mercadillo del Agricultor (the farmers market) Llano Abajo, in Santiago Del Teide.

The market will be converted into a huge scene showing the Palace of Pontius Pilot in Jerusalem in the 1st century.

This is one of the most emotional events taking place over Easter. Sat 22nd March at 21:00

Translated by John Punton

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