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6 new police officers for Santiago Del Teide

Posted by dolly diver on January 14, 2010
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Santiago del Teide’s local police force now has six new officers. The new recruits were sworn in earlier this week.

The six new members took up their posts formally on Monday and were introduced to the public at a ceremony led by the town’s mayor.

Santiago’s police force now has 20 officers.

Winter sales begin today

Posted by dolly diver on January 7, 2010
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There are bargains galore to be had as the winter sales begin today.

The date was announced last month by the Dirección General de Comercio, and has the backing of all the islands’ commissions, businesses, unions and consumer associations.

The chosen date was aimed at starting the sales as soon as possible after Kings’ Day on the 6th Jan, to give businesses the best possible chance of success. However a consumer group’s survey shows that people will be spending less than in previous years, with the average expenditure at 88 Euros per person. Items purchased will be essential items not impulvise purchases. The sales will finish on 6th March.

The Summer Sales will be from 1 July to 31 August.

Giant of the sea visits Tenerife

Posted by dolly diver on January 6, 2010
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msc-splendidaThe MSC Splendida, the biggest ship ever built in Europe, docked in Santa Cruz during the New Year festivities as part of an 11-day cruise. The ship brought 3200 passengers to Tenerife for a day attracting a large crowd of spectators in the port.

The Splendida left Barcelona on 30 December and visited Casablanca in Morocco on its way to the Canaries, from Santa cruz it heads to Madeira, Malaga and then Roma and Genoa.

Since the beginning of the year over 7000 cruise ship passengers have visited Santa Cruz.

Media Pranks of the Day(April Fools to us)

Posted by dolly diver on December 28, 2009
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The yacht, said to belong to one of Russia’s mega-tycoons was ‘pictured’ at berth in Santa Cruz on a secret stop-over.
Other gags included the revelation that regional tourism minister Rita Hernández is to be replaced by Angel Llanos. Other jokes on Spanish newspaper websites include the scoop that National Geographic is to public scientific evidence that Stonehenge is a fake and news of Madrid’s plans to seek the 2018 Winter Olympics after its failed Summer Games bid.

Tragic Accident at Loro Park

Posted by dolly diver on December 28, 2009
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It is with great regret that Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz has announced the death of the Orca whale coach Alexis Martínez, following an unfortunate accident during the first training session at the stadium ‘Orca Ocean’, which as usual, involved seven coaches.
Alexis Martínez was attended to immediately by Loro Parque’s specialized staff and the Canary Emergency Department who responded immediately after a 112 emergency call.
After on-the-spot cardiopulmonary resuscitation he was taken by ambulance to BellVue Clinic, where he went into cardiac arrest.
This news has caused enormous pain to all the Loro Parque Orca staff and the show has been temporarily suspended as a sign of mourning.
Alexis Martínez Hernández was an excellent trainer with 29 years experience. He joined the Loro Parque family in 2004 which he loved. The post Mortem is expected to take place soon.

Register for your rights

Posted by dolly diver on December 4, 2009
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All the members of the various administrations insist that you gain much more than you lose by registering as a resident at your town hall.

For young mums and students, residents may have the right to grants for transport, school meals and materials. There is a wealth of free cultural and leisure activities for everybody such as theatre workshops, learning computer skills, excursions and holidays within the islands, within Spain and international at very cheap prices, celebra¬tions at Christmas and New Year, folklore classes, hiking and trekking, beach sports, yoga, golf, visits to spas, open air gym classes and Spanish classes.
Tenerife’s island council also has grants available and summer camps, here and abroad for your chil¬dren. They give out craft licences, hunting, fishing and camping permits and help to administer free public transport for those who are eligible.
The local social services department offer personal homecare for disabled peo¬ple or the elderly, tele-assist¬ance, help with paperwork and administration and there is also economic help available in special cases.
There website is, which has a selection of branch offices all over the island and a central phone line at 901 501 901 which operates 24 hours but is better 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

Cancer, a foreign medical system, and no insurance cover – how would you cope with that? At times like this Spanish charities such as the AECC (one of two groups to benefit from the Walk For Life on 13th December) are there to offer compassion and kindness.
It’s four years since the Walk For Life began raising money and awareness in Tenerife for breast cancer – last year 2,000 walkers raised 20,000 euros. This year the streets of Playa de las Americas will again become a procession of pink as it winds its way some 3.5 kms from the Mediterranean Palace to the Sal Y Tien plaza. Proceeds will be split between the Spanish charities AECC and Amate.
Men, women, young and old are all invited to join the Walk Of Life on Sunday 13 December at 10.30am for an 11am set off. There will be music, entertainment and commentary in English and Spanish as both communities come together to support the cause. All you have to do is raise some money through sponsorship, or donation, and most of all, turn up in the pink and give your support. There is more information at the website or telephone 600 821100.

The Black Heritage Choir is one of the most prestigious gospel choirs in the United Sates. Formed in 1994 their repertoire includes both classic and cotemporary gospel numbers and hymns. In this performance entitled ,The Sound Of Gospel, they recreate the history of this musical form.

Auditorio de Tenerife- Sala Sinfonica.
Avda. de la Constitución
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel. 902 317 327

It’s not just the sun and sea which take centre-stage when Tenerife promotes itself these days.
Sustainability, our green spaces, renewable energy, the island’s whales, festivals, its landscape and nature are all high on the list.

The point was demonstrated when executives from Thomas Cook and Neckermann (Germany), together with nearly 100 journalists, were invited on a hospitality trip to Tenerife.

The programme included a reception at the Hotel Iberostar Anthelia at Costa Adeje where the Tenerife Cabildo president Ricardo Melchior stressed the importance of sustainability.

There was much praise from the delegates for Tenerife’s hotels, leisure, maritime activities, green spaces, infrastructure and the ‘magnificent’ south airport.

They were personally shown many of the island’s top attractions, including the new Katandra Treetops free flight jungle aviary at Loro Parque and were also entertained to lunch at the Casa de los Vinos wine museum.

Delegates also went on a tour of the Institute of Renewable Energies at Granadilla under the huge wind turbines, as well as enjoying whale-watching trips, golf at Costa Adeje and hiking in the Mount Teide National Park. They were also treated to two theme suppers, one of them on a Carnival theme to show the colour and excitement of the annual event in Santa Cruz.

Changes in existing regulations will see a uniform application of (fixed) fines, regardless of which authority is imposing the sanction, and a 50 per cent reduction (as opposed to 30 per cent) in the event of prompt payment of said fines. Guardia Civil traffic officers will also carry a technology allowing drivers to pay on the spot fines by credit card if they so wish
From the beginning of 2010 the Spanish department of traffic will introduce new fixed distance speed traps, which are to be placed in traffic black spots throughout the country..
The new system works with two radars in place between two fixed points. The time it takes to travel from one spot to another is pre-determined, so any vehicle that does the distance in a shorter time, having exceeded the speed limit at some point in the journey, will be automatically sanctioned. The length of road will be between three and five kilometres and the special radar cameras will be able to record car registrations and the exact time of the incident with a high level of precision

The government have also just approved new points reductions (see chart on this page) as well as introducing higher fines for certain crimes – for instance possession of radar detection equipment which previously carried a fine of €150 could now see you €6,000 worse off.

Hang up
Mobiles as dangerous as drink driving

There will be a series of TV and radio ads as well as increased vigilance by police on roads throughout Spain designed to alert people to the dangers of talking on the phone while behind the wheel of a car.

According to the depart¬ment inappropriate use of your phone while driving increases by four the risk of an accident – similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. There is also, say the experts, a false perception that use of the hands free apparatus means there is no distraction – evidence shows that a driver involved in a conversation of over a minute and a half will have reduced levels of concentration. Studies show this could lead to a 40 per cent reduction in attention to road signs, speed drops by up to 12 per cent, the heart rate accelerates rapidly during the phone call and reaction times are slower, “behavioural traits that combined could lead to an accident”

New points reduction chart
The following are the new points reductions as passed recently by the Spanish government.

6 points
• Driving under the influence of alcohol: 50mg/l private drivers, +25mg/l professionals and drivers with less than two years experience
• Driving under the influence of drugs
• Refusing to take drink/drug test
• Driving carelessly, in the wrong direction, taking part in illegal road races/competitions
• Using or carrying instruments that would inhibit traffic officers, such as radar inhibitors
• Exceeding commercial transport driving time by over 50 per cent/resting for less than 50 per cent of established time
• Manipulation/participation in the manipulation of a tachograph

4 points
• Driving under the influence of alcohol: 25mg/l – 50mg/l private drivers, 15mg/l – 30mg/l professionals and drivers with less than two years experience
• Driving with a licence inappropriate for the vehicle
• Throwing onto the road objects with could ignite a fire, cause traffic accidents, impede free circulation of traffic
• Ignore give way or stop signs or traffic light signals
• Ignore norms regarding overtaking on roads thus placing other drivers in danger, overtaking where there is reduced visibility
• Endangering/hindering cyclists during overtaking
• Reversing on a motorway
• Ignoring a traffic officer’s instructions/signals
• Failure to leave appropriate braking distance between you and the vehicle in front
• Driving on motorways in vehicles that are not licenced for these roads
• Driving a car exceeding by more than 50 per cent the allowed number of passengers, except for buses in urban/inter-urban areas

3 points
• Wearing headgear/headphone while driving or using a hand held mobile phone, navigator or other medium of communication. (This list may be updated in line with technological advances)
• Failure to wear seatbelt, use child seats or other protective apparatus where appropriate
• Making illegal u-turns; Failure to comply with mandatory traffic signs at junctions/u-turn points
• Driving a vehicle that is not licenced to be on the road/that you are not permitted to drive

2 points
• Stopping or parking on bends, in tunnels, intersections or other dangerous areas which would cause a risk to the flow of traffic and pedestrians
• Stopping or parking in zones designated for public transport
• Driving without lights when it is obligatory or failure to use lights in accordance with regulations
• Driving a motorbike/scooter with passengers under 12 years of age (some exceptions apply)
• Driving in a negligent manner, creating risks for other road users
• Speeding. The amount of points to be deducted depends on the speed limits exceeded and by how much