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Here is a calendar of events taking place in Tenerife in 2009.  Scroll further down page for 2012 info

5th January - Night time procession of Los Reyes Magos (The Three Kings) - Santa Cruz and in every town all over the island. (Equivalent to Father Christmas delivering presents to children through the night.)

6th January - D?a de Reyes. (Equivalent to Christmas Day).
17th January - Fiesta San Antonio de Abad- Arona, Buenavista, La Orotava, La Laguna and Los Silos
20th January - Fiesta San Sebasti?n - Los Realejos and Adeje

2nd February - Nuestra Se?ora de Candelaria (religious festival)
7th February - Fiesta del Almendro en flor
15th February - 1st March - SANTA CRUZ CARNIVAL

February is carnival time celebrated throughout Tenerife, but the most spectacular carnival is held in Santa Cruz around the port area and in the streets. It is considered one of the best in the world, and is possibly the most famous entertainment spectacle in Spain. People from all over the world come to experience the Santa Cruz carnival where the streets come alive with extravagant spectacles combining, colour, noise, brass bands, drums, processions, floats, amazing costumes, and exhuberantly happy crowds.

18th February - Election of the 2009 Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz
19th February - Election of the 2009 Carnival Queen in Puerto de la Cruz
20th February - Parade of the elected Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz
21st February - Parade of the elected Carnival Queen in Puerto de la Cruz
24th February - 'El Coso' - The Grand Parade - starts at 4pm.
It is the main carnival in Santa Cruz held in the street Plaza de Espa?a. This Tuesday holds the most famous procession of all. If you go to Santa Cruz be prepared to be stuck in the centre until well into the wee small hours. Park your car somewhere outside the city and take a taxi or walk, as all roads will be closed from about mid-day, which makes it impossible to get your car in or out until the very end.

25th February - Burial of the Sardine; the best 'burials' are held in Los Realejos, La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz.
A giant sardine is carried through the streets on a funeral float. At the end of its journey it is set on fire. Its' death is mourned by hundreds of grief-stricken widowers, widows and mourners, mostly men, making the 'celebration' as an excuse to dress up for the occcasion in widows weeds, fishnet stockings and impossibly high heels.

27th February - Men's Marathon in high heels - Puerto de la Cruz
28th February - The main parade in Puerto de la Cruz - starts 4pm.
28th/29th February - The last weekend of carnival with all its shows, street parties, parades and exhibitions.

1st March - The 'Pi?ata Chica' - The end of Carnival
19th March - Fiesta San Jos? - (Father's Day) celebrations in La Guancha, El Tanque
28th March - Clocks go forward

25th April - Fiesta San Marcos - Icod de los Vinos, Tegueste

1st May - Labour Day / May Day. Celebrations take place in Santa Cruz all through the month.
1st May - Fiesta San Alejo - El Tanque
3rd May - Fiesta de la Cruz - Santa Cruz, Puerto de La Cruz, Los Realejos
13th/15th May - Romer?a de la Virgen de F?tima - Arona
15th May - Fiesta San Isidro - San Isidro, Valle de San Lorenzo, Granadilla, La Orotava, Las Mercedes
31st May - Fiesta San Isidro - Valle Guerra, Los Realejos

10th June - Corpus Christi - La Orotava, Tacoronte, La Laguna, Icod de los Vinos, Adeje and other towns.
Corpus Christi is held in June when flower carpets and sand carpets are made from different coloured volcanic sand gathered on Teide, then poured by hand into highly intricate designs on plazas and roads. The main event takes place in La Orotava where the plaza in front of the town hall is completely covered with spectacularly designed sand carpets which have taken days to make under cover.

In the streets of La Laguna, Los Realejos and other towns around the island, sand and flower carpets are made on the roads in the morning and then trampled over and swept away at the end of the day after the celebrations are over.

13th June - San Antonio de Padua - Granadilla de Abona
23rd June - Night of San Juan - Bonfire night
24th June - San Juan fiestas - Puerto de la Cruz, Icod de los Vinos, Garachico, San Juan de la Rambla and Arico.
24th June - San Bautista - Arico, Puerto de la Cruz, San Juan de la Rambla
29th June - Fiesta San Pedro - El Sauzal, G??mar.

11th July - Romer?a San Benito Abad - La Laguna
16th July - Nuestra Se?ora del Carmen - Puerto de la Cruz, Los Realejos, Santa Cruz, Playa San Juan, Puerto Santiago, Alcal?, Las Galletas
25th July - Commemoration of the Battle of Nelson in Santa Cruz
25th July - International Folklore Festival - La Laguna
25th July - Santiago Apostol, Los Realejos
25th July - Fiestas Patronales, Santiago del Teide, Candelaria, Santa Cruz
26th July - Santa Ana, Candelaria

3rd August - Nuestra Se?ora de la Nieves - Taganana
6th August - El Salvador y Ntra. Sra. del Rosario, La Matanza de Acentejo
14th August - Nuestra Se?ora de Candelaria, Candelaria
Homage is paid to Nuestra Se?ora de la Candelaria when the islanders celebrate the patron saint of Tenerife, which is linked to centuries of faith and re-enacts the traditional appearance of the virgin in Plaza de la Basilica.

15th August - Asencion Day
A mass is held in the morning, at mid-day there is a procssion and in the afternoon, the traditional floral offering or Virgin's Pilgrimage, with folkloric groups taking part.

14th/15th August - La Caminata
A pilgrimage that starts in the evening of the 14th, attracting crowds of people who want to make the walk to Candelaria.

15th August - Fiestas de Agosto, La Victoria de Acentejo
16th August - San Roque, Garachico
16th August - San Joaqu?n, Fasnia
17th - 25th August - Fiestas de Santa B?rbara, Icod de Los Vinos
24th August - San Bartolom?, Buenavista del Norte
24th August - San Bartolom? de Geneto, La Laguna
25th August - Nuestra Se?ora Virgen del Buen Viaje, El Tanque
28th August - Romer?a de San Agust?n, Arafo
29th August - Los Corazones de Tejina, La Laguna
29th August - San Juan Degollado, Arafo
31st August - Fiesta B?vara, Puerto de la Cruz
31st August - Romer?a de Nuestra Se?ora de la Victoria, La Victoria

7th September - Romer?a del Socorro - G??mar
8th September - Nuestra Se?ora de Los Remedios - Romer?a, Tegueste, La Laguna

8th September - La Quinta, Adeje
8th September - Nuestra Se?ora de la Luz, Los Silos
8th September - Nuestra Se?ora de los Remedios, Tegueste
9th September - Fiestas del Cristo, La Laguna
14th September - Sant?simo Cristo, Tacoronte
21st September - Nuestra Se?ora de la Luz, Gu?a de Isora
21st September - Fiestas del Cristo, Tacoronte
21st September - Fiestas del Cristo y del Drago, Icod de Los Vinos
29th September - Fiesta San Miguel, San Miguel de Abona

3rd October - Nuestra Se?ora del Rosario - Fasnia, El Rosario, Valle Guerra
4th October - Romer?a de Nuestra Se?ora de la Encarnac?on - Adeje
7th October - Sant?sima Virgen del Rosario, La Laguna
8th October - Cristo de la Salud, Arona
10th October - Ntra. Sra. del Rosario, Fasnia
11th October - Santa ?rsula y Ntra. Sra. de la Encarnaci?n, Adeje
21st October - D?a Santa ?rsula

1st November - Festividad de todos los Santos (All Saints') - National holiday.
Spanish families take flowers to their loved ones graves in remembrance.

25th November ?Fiestas de Santa Catalina - Taganana
29th/30th November - San Andr?s, La Guancha, Icod de los Vinos, La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz.

This fiesta is very popular as it is the day when farmers offer their wine for sale. Guachinches all over the island open their doors especially for this event. If you are lucky you can buy some to take home, probably in a coca cola bottle. It is very distinctive but after the shock of the first glass it is very easy to drink. The day all the wine runs out, the doors are closed again until the following year.

On the same day the the 'Arrastre los Charros' takes place in Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava, but children in most towns follow the tradition. Sometimes known as the day of the tin cans, children find anything they can string together; cans, pots, pans, tins, fridges, washing machine drums, in fact anything strung together that will make a horrendous noise as they trundle their assortment of metal through the streets. There are various stories of why this tradition started. One version is that the noise will scare off evil spirits, which considering the cacophony of sound, is quite likely to effectively do the job.

Icod de Los Vinos, La Guancha runs the 'tablas' down practically vertical streets in town. Anything from tin trays, flat boards or specially consturcted sledges, are used and the rider hurtles down from the top of the street, desperately avoiding any obstacles that may get in the way, before coming to an abrupt halt at the bottom and flying headlong into a mountain of old tyres. The Red Cross is on standby for any unfortunate misses.

6th December - D?a de la Constituci?n - National Holiday
8th December - Fiesta de la Purisima Concepci?n - National Holiday
24th December - Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)
Nochebuena is time for family members to gather around their nativity scenes with the family. Apart from the stunning official displays in every town, most families will have made their own nativity scene at home. The evening meal is served late, traditionally turkey with truffles. At midnight celebrations are interrupted by church bells calling people to 'La Misa del Gallo'. Tradition says that the only time a rooster was heard to crow at midnight was on the day that Jesus was born.

25th December - Christmas Day
31st December - New Year's Eve
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Excellent, detailed and helpful post. Thank you amibovvered.
That'll help with the planning !
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Very usefull info.  I will make a permenant section for the info at the bottom of our "What's on Locally" page.

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A bit late but here are the dates of "holidays" in 2012
The calendar of public holidays in the Canaries has been published (see HERE), with the following the official fiestas for Tenerife in 2012:
6 January, Epiphany
2 February, Virgen de la Candelaria
5 & 6 April, Easter
1 May, Fiesta del Trabajo
30 May, D?a de Canarias
15 August, Asunci?n de la Virgen
12 October, Spain Day
1 November, Todos los Santos
6 December, D?a de la Constituci?n
8 December, Inmaculada Concepci?n
25 December, Christmas Day
The above 12 holidays are the 11 fiestas for the Canaries together with the extra day which each island enjoys which, in Tenerife?s case, is 2 February for the island?s patron saint day, Virgen de la Candelaria.
In addition, each municipality will have its own two days, bringing the total number of fiestas for every part of the Canaries to 14. It is the proliferation of these two local days throughout the island that gives the impression that the whole of Tenerife is constantly on holiday. The local fiestas in 2012 for Tenerife are:
20 January ? Festividad de San Sebasti?n
15 October ? Festividad de Santa ?rsula
Arafo (Villa de Arafo):
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
27 de agosto: Festividad de San Bernardo
Arico (Villa de Arico):
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
8 September ? Festividad de Nuestra Se?ora de Abona
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
8 October ? Sant?simo Cristo de la Salud
Buenavista del Norte (Villa de Buenavista del Norte)_
24 August ? Festividad de San Bartolom?, Copatrono de la Villa
25 October ? Festividad de Nuestra Se?ora de los Remedios
Candelaria (Villa de Candelaria):
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
26 July ? Festividad de Santa Ana
El Rosario:
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
6 August ? Nuestra Se?ora de la Esperanza
El Sauzal:
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
29 June ? San Pedro Ap?stol
El Tanque:
31 August ? Nuestra Se?ora del Buen Viaje
22 October ? Sant?simo Cristo del Calvario
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
20 August ? Fiesta Patronal de San Joaqu?n
Garachico (Villa y Puerto de Garachico):
26 July ? Festividad de Santa Ana
16 August ? Festividad de San Roque
Granadilla de Abona:
24 April ? Festividad del Santo Hermano Pedro de San Jos? de Bethencourt
13 June ? Festividad de San Antonio de Padua
Gu?a de Isora:
25 June ? Celebraci?n de San Juan Bautista
17 September ? Sant?simo Cristo de la Dulce Muerte
29 June ? Fiestas Patronales de San Pedro Ap?stol
7 September ? Fiesta en Honor de Nuestra Se?ora de El Socorro
Icod de Los Vinos:
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
25 April ? San Marcos Evangelista, Patr?n de la ciudad
La Guancha:
18 January ? Nuestra Se?ora de La Esperanza
20 August ? Lunes de las Fiestas Patronales
La Laguna (San Crist?bal de La Laguna):
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
14 September ? Fiesta del Sant?simo Cristo de La Laguna
La Matanza de Acentejo (Villa de La Matanza de Acentejo):
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
6 August ? D?a de El Salvador
La Orotava (Villa de La Orotava):
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
14 June ? Infraoctava del Corpus Christi
La Victoria de Acentejo (Villa de la Victoria de Acentejo):
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
27 August ? Fiestas Patronales
Los Realejos (Villa de Los Realejos):
3 May ? Exaltaci?n de la Santa Cruz
30 June ? lunes del Carmen
Los Silos (Villa de Los Siloa):
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
8 September ? Nuestra Se?ora de la Luz
Puerto de la Cruz:
3 May ? La Exaltaci?n de la Santa Cruz y Conmemoraci?n de la Fundaci?n de la Ciudad
10 July ? Conmemoraci?n de la Festividad de la Virgen del Carmen
San Juan de La Rambla (Villa de San Juan de la Rambla):
25 June ? Fiestas de San Juan Bautista
10 September ? Fiestas de San Jos?
San Miguel de Abona:
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
29 September ? Fiesta de San Miguel Arc?ngel
Santa Cruz de Tenerife:
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
3 May ? D?a de la Santa Cruz
Santa Ursula:
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
22 October ? D?a de Santa ?rsula, Patrona del municipio.
Santiago del Teide (Villa Hist?rica de Santiago del Teide):
16 July ? Nuestra Se?ora de la Virgen del Carmen
25 July ? Festividad del Ap?stol Santiago
21 February ? Martes de Carnaval
26 November ? Santa Catalina
Tegueste (Villa de Tegueste):
25 April ? Festividad de San Marcos Evangelista
8 September ? Festividad de Nuestra Se?ora de los Remedios
30 April ? Festividad del Hermano Pedro
27 August ? Festividad de San Roque y San Agust?n

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