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Let's all have a laugh / A quickie
« Last post by Edward Bear on Yesterday at 11:36 PM »
A little girl asks her mother, please mummy can we have a cat for Christmas.
Mummy replies, no dear we will have a turkey like everyone else.
General Discussion / Re: Annual visit
« Last post by AWOL on Yesterday at 12:05 PM »

The wx was iffy beginning of November when we arrived and we had the mosr horrendous seas for a week with heavy rain. All over the news with 30ft waves washing balconies away on the north coast.

Since then the wx has been brilliant sunny and warm. Long may it continue however it could go pearshaped in 5 weeks time I hear :)

Let's all have a laugh / Re: Why Teachers Drink
« Last post by TimO on Yesterday at 02:08 AM »
If they were really genuine answers in an examination then there can't be much to say about the present day education system in the UK, can there? Since the demise of the Oxbridge examination system the standard of education in the UK has gone down an awful lot.

I was a product of the Oxbridge system having gone through GCE 'O' level and CSE exams back in 1969 and I can genuinely state that the Oxbridge system was a far better system than the one that is in place now. There's to much emphasis on examinations for pupils of all ages. Teachers should be actually teaching instead of filling out forms for this and that. There is far to much paperwork altogether that it's no wonder teachers in the UK are 'burning out' well before their time and you're getting answers like you received in your joke, Edward Bear!
General Discussion / Annual visit
« Last post by TimO on Yesterday at 01:38 AM »
Just under 5 weeks before we arrive back in PdS on 11/01/2019. We're really looking forward to it at this stage with the miserable weather we've been having over here in Ireland over the past few weeks. We're just hoping that we don't get a repeat of the same type of weather we endured during early February of this year. The first 2 weeks we were here this year the weather was absolutely beautiful, but no sooner had the wife and family departed that same night we had rain and wind for most of the following week with a slight respite over the weekend and then once Sunday night came it was back to wind and rain with a few days respite for the last 3 days, before I returned home.

Has there been any bad weather yet or has it been sunshine and blue skies all the way, so far?

Anyway, may I wish everybody who contributes to the site a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year and Hope to bump into some of you during our time there. Feliz Navidad.
General Discussion / Re: I cannot stand it
« Last post by unhappy on December 08, 2018 »
Georgie, voted leave ? now you know why you were on your own drinking your G&T
General Discussion / Re: I cannot stand it
« Last post by Mary on December 08, 2018 »
What on earth has how people voted got to do with your original request to meet for a drink.

General Discussion / Re: I cannot stand it
« Last post by Georgie on December 08, 2018 »
Funny enough I feel like teresa may

Surrounded by idiots

With your tone in posts I bet you voted leave
General Discussion / Re: I cannot stand it
« Last post by Georgie on December 08, 2018 »
You lot must have sad life's

Sitting here with a gin and tonic

It's been baking today

Also there seems to be lots of work going on

Marina road and the barcelo hotel is closed at the front
General Discussion / Re: I cannot stand it
« Last post by angiebabes on December 08, 2018 »
I couldn’t get there as I was watching paint dry
General Discussion / Re: I cannot stand it
« Last post by AWOL on December 08, 2018 »
Nobody has commented on how the meeting went. Not even Georgie. Did many turn up. I couldn't as busy watching adverts on the tele and not into football whatever that is.

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