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FOR SALE Flight from Tenerife (Sth) to London Gatwick , July 11
Leaves TFS at 14.20 , arrives LGW at 18.30 NORWEGIAN AIR Low Fare
Includes 20Kg checked bag, hand luggage, reserved seat and name change
Current Fare (as of 11/06/18) is 182.90, yours for 95.00
Interested, send me a PM , no time wasters please.
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Asturius Restaurant
« Last post by SandyLea on Yesterday at 06:55 PM »
Yes, we had the miserable git too and tinned veg. Don't want it to close though, just up it's game.
General Discussion / Re: The weather
« Last post by pilgrim on Yesterday at 10:53 AM »
That's unfair!
How do you know it's me.
Plenty of people here have white houses.
General Discussion / Mercadona
« Last post by unhappy on Yesterday at 09:48 AM »
Check your bill when shopping here, on 3 occasions we were charged for the same items twice and they then tried to charge us for our own bags, recommend you cut off the long handles on the bags as we had done.
General Discussion / The weather
« Last post by unhappy on Yesterday at 09:39 AM »
Just returned after almost 5 weeks the weather was not very good for this time of the year, after the awful January and talking to the locals the weather has not been very good this year upto now. I suppose the idiot in the White House knows the answer but I don't think he would be interested.   
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Asturius Restaurant
« Last post by frogeddy on June 17, 2018 »
This place consistently gets the worst restaurant reviews in LG. We have eaten there twice and both times the food was truly awful ..... and the service (by a real miserable git) was even worse. Nothing would persuade me to patronise this place again. So my fingers are well and truly crossed and hoping that it has closed down.
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Asturius Restaurant
« Last post by linda on June 17, 2018 »
As far as I know it's holiday  hope so  cafe is also theirs.
Local Restaurant Guide / Asturius Restaurant
« Last post by LucyW on June 16, 2018 »
Anyone any info on Asturius Restaurant. Thought it was just closed for the annual 3 wk holiday but told it has shut down completely due to rent review. Cafe section still open so not sure what the situation is.
So do I , but the service could have been better and the soy sauce was out of date.
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